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Well teh results are in. Team Danny is holding firm to 6th spot and it appears that I managed a draw aginst competition leaders Team Goldie to knock them off of top spot.

The Visgoths have pushed through to sit in number 1.

Results are below:

wazzaschampions 14 def by 24 Fluffy
Matabele Eagles 38 drew 38 Redbacks
Danny 28 drew 28 Goldie
Manly Sea Eagles 46 def 34 the seagles
Lizards 38 def by 54 wardswonders
Visigoths 36 def 32 Canteen Team
MB's Eagles 24 def by 28 Rams

A win with just 24 on the board

cheers wazza

i had the second lowest score - luckily i played the Knights of our comp
yup the highest score of the round was 54. Not an easy one by all means my captain got nothing. should have picked bowen as captain and would have snuk a win
im seeing it as karma - i lost with the 3rd hisghest score in a round and drew with the second highest
Thankyou Bowen, but more importantly my late inclusion Ben Pomeroy, that bloke can play, only young too.

Bad Luck CW, and that's all it was too, luck.

Cheers Team Danny for your fine effort.
Who is Ben Pomeroy! No worries Volley - only one way to go from the top!!

Time to do a bit of trading - a lot of my guys are playing City - Country!!!
hahaha - i dont have too many.

i dont look into it enough - played with lulu from sharks in my squad but and injured player in my team.

Those teams on 9 points are looking good and it seems they will be making a run - hey danny ;)
Penrith bloke, class act. Played in the centres, but is usually a backrower. I shouldn't be telling people this, everyone will want him now in their sides.
they sure do Fluffy although i keep forgetting to make trades. I have made 1 so far and will look to make another on wednesday
Are there any finals, or is first past the post?

Keep dreaming Fluffy, we all know it is a three horse race from here on in.
I had the trade screen up as i wanted to swap Tate out as he is supposedly seriously injured. I wanted to pick up a Bronco but was leaning towards a Cowboy but I didn't have the bucks. My best choice was Berrigan and I don't have any real love for him and cancelled out the trade, and of course he scored 3 tries. Just have to take it on the chin like Dessie! We'll come good aftter this setback.
would have been good to be up against the ManlyBacker Tarts then
I have already crushed Danny's Darlings, last seen applying facial moisturisors before going into a bum-slapping huddle. :shock:
I have already crushed Danny's Darlings, last seen applying facial moisturisors before going into a bum-slapping huddle. :shock:

Ah yes, you won with a sympathy vote from my boys, because they didnt want to hurt the old tarts scuttling round the ground with their zimmer frames and "I love Bette Middler" t-shirts.

The uniform with the big picture of Miss Midler was also off putting because none of my boys wanted to get their heads even close to the picture of your Idol!
We didn't want to tackle the crew with the Queer Eye tshirts, but won the game by just walking around them while they were sniffing for aftershave and admiring each other's shorts.
Your blokes were too busy watching Dancing with the Stars, Queer Eye and Desperate Housewives!!!! :roll: :roll:

They way you are defending MB it sounds like your the wind beneath his wings CW, and you call my blokes queer?

And MB, carn mate you have to use a different come back than that, I alrady stated that we let you walk around us with your zimmer frames through sympathy. You might as well have saved your self some typing and started a pantomime style "Oh no you didnt" or a school yard "Did Not!"
Team P W L PD Pts
12 8 4 147 20
14 10 4 89 20
14 9 5 105 18
12 7 5 80 18
12 7 5 -1 18
13 8 5 -49 18
13 7 6 12 16
13 7 6 -7 16
12 6 6 -66 16
12 5 6 -18 15
12 5 6 -26 15
13 6 7 52 14
12 5 7 -49 14
14 6 8 -65 12
13 5 8 -94 12
12 3 9 -43 10
13 3 10 -67 8
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