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F#%^ that fat red head b€stard

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by conanu, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. conanu

    conanu Well-Known Member

    +2,445 /46
    That will do me that vautin is such a turd. He is no Manly man. He just hammered us on the footy show and after the way he went off about Brett Stewart after his incident i hate the ginger wanker. Hes no manly man and his show is garbage.
  2. Volley

    Volley Well-Known Member

    +1,109 /54
    Yeah, i've flicked it. For good hopefully this time.

    I can't believe he's in our membership campaign.

    E-mail time to Manly I feel. The bloke's a disgrace.
  3. Jerry1

    Jerry1 Well-Known Member

    +2,654 /93
    I turned it off after the first couple of mins. Fatty piss off back to QLD.
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    • bob dylan

      bob dylan Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +6,440 /192
      Geez, were extra precious today boys.

      He has been nothing but a brainless dead weight around our neck since 1988. If you expected more you were kidding yourselves.
    • conanu

      conanu Well-Known Member

      +2,445 /46
      I know i was kidding myself, Cant believe someone who claims to be a Manly man can be so flippant with comments about us. Are guys like him really so stupid that they read the Telecrap and then make their assumptions based on its biased articles. And he calls himself a friend of Des's. And at a time when we needed every Manly man to stand up for us he comes out with that garbage. The footy show for me is over.

      In contrast Mark Carroll was on The Game Plan on ONE HD and he was so supportive and basically said what we have all been thinking. And said Blair was instigator and Manly have been scammed. What a bloody legend i love Spud even if he went to Rabbits in his last couple of seasons. Always my favorite player.
    • mcatt

      mcatt Active Member

      +62 /0
      I wrote Vautin off after the Brett Stewart incident. I didn't see tonight, but it sounds like he stitched us right up. If this is the case I hope Manly tell him to piss off in regards to our membership drive.
    • eagle-rock08

      eagle-rock08 Active Member

      +70 /0
      I stopped watching it back in the 90's when they started wearing women's clothes.

      I think I haven't missed much.
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      • WAMF

        WAMF Well-Known Member

        +408 /0
        Couldn't agree more. If you feel strongly, let the club know you will hold off on buying your membership until the club ditches that red headed clown from their membership promo.
        I don't care how many games this guy played for the club. He's done nothing but run the club down at every opportunity over the last 15 yrs.
        Vautin, you're an absolute disgrace.
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        • Moops

          Moops Well-Known Member

          +520 /35
          Des probably wants to murder a few players after last weeks game as well but he is not gonna say so publicly!!
        • Duff

          Duff Well-Known Member

          +631 /12
          I can't believe you guys watched it. Of all nights to avoid it, that was the night.
          Barefoot showed real class in the way they dealt with it. They shyed away from showing it in the highlights section & dealt with it in the offences bit. Even then they unemotionally read out the charges & results. They even made a point of talking about Joel Thompsons tackle as that was charged too.
          I've avoided the footy show all year. Between the pre & post game shows, barefoot, the sunday footy show, nrl on fox & the roast, what need is there for anyone to watch the crap?
        • Sheikheagle

          Sheikheagle Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

          +1,458 /64
          Havent watched the rubbish for years. For those with HD the Game Plan is a great show on 1HD. The Spud is a legion and still looks fit enough to play.
        • Larissa

          Larissa Well-Known Member

          +264 /0
          Hi everyone,

          It's been a tough week here at Sea Eagles HQ. Thanks for all the support you have all shown the Club and our players. It hasn't gone unnoticed.

          It's interesting to hear your differing opinions on having Fatty involved in our 2012 Membership campaign. From our perspective we are excited that someone with significant media exposure is prepared to get behind our product and help us sign up as many new Members as possible. At the end of the day that's what we are here for. We need to get more people visiting our website and talking about membership.

          If anyone would like to have a chat about our membership campaign (or anything else!) please feel free to give me a call at the Club, or you can drop me an email at membership@manlyseaeagles.com.au.

          Thanks again & Go Manly!


          PS 2012 Membership is set to launch this afternoon. Keep an eye out on seaeagles.com.au!
        • SeaEagleRock8

          SeaEagleRock8 Sea Eagle Lach Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

          +10,547 /214
          Your email link is misspelt!
        • MK Eagle

          MK Eagle Well-Known Member

          +247 /0
          Johns was the only 1 up there who had reason or made sense. Marshall was ridiculous also, claiming Blair took the direct route to get off the field & Glen just 'Happened' to be in the way......anything to do with the fact he is going to the Tigers next year.
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          • supersoniceagle

            supersoniceagle Member

            +4 /0
            What did Vautin say?
          • Jatz Crackers

            Jatz Crackers Moderator Staff Member

            +1,475 /8
            Something politically correct designed to win over soccer mums im sure.
          • Phantar

            Phantar Well-Known Member

            +273 /0
            Probably nothing of consequence, because he hasn't had a consequential thought for decades.
          • Volley

            Volley Well-Known Member

            +1,109 /54
            Just the usual. Manly had 5 blokes laying into Blair while he was on the ground, Glenn Stewart stopped and instigated the whole 2nd fight. Blair didn't deserve what he got. He should be in Melbourne's membership campaign.

            We should get Paul Kent, Rebecca Wilson or Ray Hadley nex year, they've all got "significant media exposure".

            My main gripe's that my member dollars are going to this merkin.
          • firechild

            firechild Active Member

            +65 /0

            I agree that it's a positive to have someone with a media presence pushing the membership drive, but when that person is constantly pushing a negative image of the club in the media they can only be damaging the Sea Eagles' brand.
          • jamesie

            jamesie Active Member

            +30 /0
            Despite Fatty being involved in the membership drive, I will still be signing the family up for 2012. My passion for the Sea Eagles over rides anything he has to say. Fatty doesn't come across as someone who is passionate about the club any more. He'd rather put in the sly digs that he thinks are funny. Some one like Michael Slater, who has been defending us all week on the Big Sports Breakfast would be a better choice.

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