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No single player from Manly other than DCE deserved to be listed tonight, and that’s how it went so that was pleasing.

The rest should not be sitting around in suits hoping for an award. They all played like busted coconuts this year and deserve nothing. They should be in Bali right now soaking up the rays and having a pleasant time because I don’t think 2024 is going to be all cushdie for this mob. Manly have gone all in with salary upgrades so there will be pressure to preform, and I hope the off-season will be brutal.

To be fair I’m not sitting around hoping for an award either unless Silvertails are offering one.

Here you go:



I'm surprised Ponga won, though he probably got top points every time they won because they rely that heavily on him. NZ and panthers both have 2 players in the top 10 so the points are spread a bit more. All in all I thought Johnson would have been a deserved winner

A bit like Turbo in '21 then, yeah? Turbo also dominated rep footy that year too.
He got 35 points in 18 games.
Ponga got 56 in 20 games - so say 28 in 20 as this year there's potentially twice as many points.

What shouldn't be overlooked is that DCE came 4th only six points ( or one game ) behind.
From a team that won 3 games less than the Knights and 5 games less than the Warriors, when historically points are weighted heavily in favour of the team that wins.

I think it's like the 2nd time in the past three seasons DCE has been in the Top 5.

He is seriously consistently good.


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The coverage of the memorials to past players was disgusting. the singing was great and moving but I was under the impression that the section was about paying tribute to past players not concentrating on the person singing the song. Very poor camera work by Fox sports.

Unfortunately because it was actually Dale Finucane on the guitar, they focused more on him and the Debra Harry knock-off than they did those who have sadly passed away this year.

Edit: I call her a Debra Harry knock-off on looks only. Whoever she is, she doesn't have a bad voice though

40 nil

It's only a game ...
He got 35 points in 18 games.
Ponga got 56 in 20 games
Actually, Turbo was awarded 35 points in 15 games in 2021 (exclude 3 finals) av. 2.33 points per game & Ponga was awarded 56 points in 18 games (exclude 2 finals) av. 3.11 => 1.55 points per game with one judge.

Turbo returned to full form just before Origin 2 this year. If he had made himself unavailable for Origin like Ponga, I wonder what would have been his Dally M & Manly wins totals?
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Actually, the math is wrong.

Turbo got his 35 points from only 15 games. Finals (of which we played 3) don't count towards the Dally M Medal.

Also remember that this year players were able to get 6 points per game due to there being two judges per game. And some like Ponga got a few 6 again's in Newcastle's run to the Finals.


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I found someone's shirt. I'll leave it you to work out who wore it better. @:D @:D


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