Creary retires...


POPULAR Sea Eagles winger Mitch Creary has hung up his flying boots to concentrate on his promising business career.

Creary made the switch from rugby to rugby league without any problems and was a real personality over the past four seasons.

He mixed his appearances between the Premier League and the NRL and always gave 100 per cent.

Over the past two seasons Creary returned to the workforce and mixed his football with business.

Remarkably he played some of his best football during this period.

Creary said he had to think long and hard about giving the game away.

``I absolutely love the game and Manly but I have a young family now and it is imperative that I concentrate on business and them.

``My time with Manly has been some thing I won't forget and the organisation throughout from the administration through to the coaching staff is highly professional - they deserve the success which is just around the corner and I will be cheering them on from the stands,'' Creary said.

Hasler said he was sorry to see Creary retire.

``Mitch Creary was always an option for us and I had no hesitation in selecting him in any game - you know what you are going to get every time you choose him. He is a terrific person and clubman,'' Hasler said.

Sad to see him go, I thought he hadn't been given enough 1st grade time and did quite well. Good luck to him, he will probably return to rah rah!

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Thanks for that Goldie! This is news I had not heard.

With Donald leaving with last year's PL wingers in Peachey, Taylor and now Creary it will be interesting to see who becomes our wing combinations.

Hicks is a cert (though I not some are suggesting he move back to centre), Stepho is developing well there and there is new buy Robertson. The same article quoted by Goldie suggests that Willie Bishop is playing for Manly as a utility back.

The plot thickens!


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Who's gunna play fullback NOW! ;) :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :stupid:

Mitch is a good chap, I wish him all the best.

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I loved watching him stalk the opposition winger or centre. He'd wait until they were thrown a long ball or a cutout ball and he'd jam them just as they got it. He'd do it at least once a game. He wasn't real quick in his later years but he could hit hard. Drives a nice Mustang as well.


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Who's gunna play fullback NOW! ;) :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :stupid:

Mitch is a good chap, I wish him all the best.


The Wheel
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There is no doubt Creary had a go when he played but the truth is he was nver going to be an NRL player at his age and is now probably only holding a younger more promising bloke back.

Good move retiring Mitch, I will miss your big hits & Ryan will certainly miss you when he does his YARTS


Yeah agreed Wheel- fair contribution from the family to the Eagles though with his uncle Steve Knight having been a fair player in his day!

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