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There was an interesting article on the corporatisation of sports in last weeks BRW.

They listed the values and revenue of all the clubs in ARL and NRL.

Manly was valued the LEAST of ALL clubs in BOTH codes. Our value was $5million and this was quantifiable as it was based on what Delmege had paid for his shareholding. EvenSouths was valued at $7.5m from memory.

In terms of revenue we were SECOND LAST of ALL clubs. Total revenue was something like $7.5m. I'll get the actual figures when I go home.

Just so you know why I'm always carping on about the need to avoid any hint of mediocrity - we're a flyweight trying to fight welter weights and heavyweights at the moment.

We MUST maximise every advantage that we have.
Success on the field will help increase funds.

Mata can you post that once you get a chance - very interested to see how the breakdowns go
byso i thought it was vital reading for all of howards minions.

we have one in the office somewhere i think
wheres the carve up.

Yes of course we have a howard minion in here. Dont you have an accounts department and a CFO?
yeah I saw the other post. still pretty tame by your guys standards. didnt even almost fire me up
Watch out Mata or he will use Lightoots shotgun and depth of integrity to target you!!!!

You never know - Byso could be another one of Tony Abbot's love-children :clap: :clap: :clap:
Here's your values.

Order is Club, Value, 2004 Revenue

Manly, $5m, $8m
Broncos, $14m, $17.7m
Knights, $12m, $13m
Storm, $10.8m, $12m
Dragons, $10m, $11m
Cowboys, $10m, $10.8m
Bulldogs, $9m, $10m
Rorters, $9m, $10m
Eels, $9m, $10m
Rabbits, $9m, $10m
Warriors, $9m, $10m
Raiders, $9m, $10m
Panfers, $8.2m, $9.1m
Sharks, $7.5m, $8.25m
Tigers, $7.5m, $8m
A couple of observations:

1. You can see what I mean about us being fly weights these days. Maybe we should start calling ourselves the fibro dwellers.

2. Max Delmege got a VERY good deal.

3. We probably have a couple of competitive advantages. In particular I'd imagine the cost of the use of Brookvale is significantly less than what other clubs have to pay for their home venues. Therefore we can get by on less income.

4. Cowboys and Storm are propped up by News Ltd.

5. As the only club in Sydney north of the harbour you really would think we could up our income in terms of sponsorship dollars and profile. That is hasn't probably speaks of a number of things:

. The border wars with Union and AFL for the hearts and minds of Sydney is fiercest in the north.

. Our "brand" has been significantly de-valued because of the merger with Norths and a string of losing seasons.

I'd venture to say that it's essential we start winning regularly SOON, and that we can't afford ANY mediocrity if we are to survive.

I'm sure the club knows that already.
The Tigers' overheads would certainly be more than ours.

The other thing in our favour is that we're ahead of the other clubs in weaning oursleves off League's Club income (and it seems as though our club will be less affected by the pokie tax anyway - with Cummings at the helm and the redevelopment plans for the car park).

I'd expect some of the incomes for the other clubs will fall over the next few years and with their higher overheads .........

But we still need to be on our mettle.

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