Buhrer or Horo? Who makes way for Symonds?


One of them has to go back to the bench. Symonds is brilliant. Definately an 80min back rower or a starter at the least. Personally, i think he should be our left edge backrower and Horo to the right, until gift is back, with Buhrer our utility.

The angles he runs are brilliantly well timed and look like a real headache for defences. I think he will be at his best running off Joe...sorry... Foran.


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RE: Symonds - Buhrer or Horo?

Gift will Take Horos spot and Buhrer back to utilty on bench with Symonds starting maybe


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Buhrer back to bench where he plays a lot better. Just no impact in attack in this role.

Symonds to start.


My mate Jace can't believe the hype about Buhrer. I bag him about Sutton and he gives it back about Ferris. He watches all our games and reckons he is very average. He reckons he's too small for NRL and just seems sto get belted around and makes no yards.
I understand what your mate Jace is getting at, and he's not watching the game through maroon and white coloured glasses like we are. Defences are more aware of Buhrer's game now, whereas when he first came on the scene he used to make breaks more regularly against tiring defences. Starting games this year doesnt help his own game either. He shone more when he was a bench player.

And hell yes what a pick up Symonds has been for us! Fantastic player


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I'm still in shock that we picked Symonds up for a bargain. The guy is big, mobile and good on his feet. I wish Tooves put him on earlier today, particularly the last 10 minutes of the first half. Both packs were looking pretty tired and I reckon Tom would have caused some more damage.


Awesome pick up is Tom!! Roosters would be spewing as he is actually playing and showing his potential. MPC, Buhrer needs tired defences to do better. Not a starter at this stage. Ricky Stuart saw something in him but then that ain't much these days.


Agreed. Symonds could be anything for Manly. The strength to get over tonight with defenders hanging off him everywhere was top shelf. I was surprised he wasn't brought on late in the 1st half. Regardless of whether he starts or not expect him to be getting a lot more minutes very shortly.


Buhrer's another victim of a premature N.S.W jersey i think.

T-Rex( went well in 2011, done nothing since S.O.O last yr)

Im sure there are plenty more.

Buhrer will come good, just needs a few more kgs to keep playing in the back row although he should come off the bench into hooker where his speed from dummy half makes a real impact on tired defence.


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I reckon his darts from dummy half are his best weapon. But with mb playing big minutes he doesn't get much of a run in that regard. I


It's make or break for him. He can't play another season off the bench etc. He needs to get somewhere where he will consistently play 80 minutes. Yes, I know, but only because Gifty is injured. No doubt it will be Gift, Choc, Tom/Horo now. Gift, Choc and Buhrer are too small to dominate.
Love to see Lawton get a bench spot as well. He is so fast off scratch.


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Front row King,Ballin,Kite
2nd row Choc,Gift,TS

bench; Lawrence,Fa'aoso,Joe,Horo,Buhrer
Dont know who is going to miss out but
What an awesome pack.


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mickqld said:
Front row King,Ballin,Kite
2nd row Choc,Gift,TS

bench; Lawrence,Fa'aoso,Joe,Horo,Buhrer
Dont know who is going to miss out but
What an awesome pack.

Bang on the money IMHO. I'm stoked that our foward depth is so strong this year. Last year our pack carried injuries almost all year and it showed: this year we can afford to rest players with niggles and give them a little time to recuperate and our forward pack loses nothing.

It's going to cause the odd selection headache but that's a problem any coach would prefer to have methinks :)
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