Best Wishes @marga

Mark from Brisbane

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Margaret has a massive battle ahead of her but she has a wonderful family and a wonderful second family ( the Manly version).

I’ve told the story before but she joined one of our NZ tours about a decade ago and was very quiet and very shy but I assured her the MWTS wouldn’t leave her in the corner by herself.

She was adopted by the crew at the welcome function and has never looked back.

She’s won a “ member of the year “ award and is loved by all associated with the club.

Yes @marga we wish you all the very best, it’s a battle but never, ever , give up!!

Bill Hamilton

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Hi @marga,

I am new around here and haven't got to know you yet, my family send you our best wishes and get well soon. Simone my best mate for over 40 years had a 6 year long fight against cancer and beat it last year. She sent everyone this during her fight, she reckoned it helped her on the hard days, I hope it can do the same for you:
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Thank you @Mark from Brisbane. I wasn’t sure if I should say anything, but I did put it on FB, and am overwhelmed at messages from family, friends and my Manly Family. I have just been diagnosed with lung cancer and seeing my specialist on Wednesday for our plan of attack. I am being as positive as I can and fingers crossed I will be ok.

Both Mrs Moz and I send you our love and best wishes, Marga!

You have a huge heart and friends you can call on at anytime. That will serve you well in the coming weeks!

Kick its arse, Marga!! We're with you!


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Thoughts and prayers are with you @marga Stay positive. The human body has amazing healing powers with positive thoughts.


Plenty of positivity coming your way @marga from all of us on here! Plenty have met you, others (such as me) only know of you but we’re all aware of your passion and love for this club. You can beat this with the love and support of your family and friends.


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@marga from my family and I we send you all our love and with your permission add you in our prayers. Truely believe you will kick the barstard and come out the winner.

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