Bad time to play the Dragons

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I admit I am a pessimist (sp?) but I think it is a bad time to be playing the dragons at WIN Stadium. They are due for a win anytime soon and I was hoping that win would have been last weekend to make them complacent again.

There are a lot of bruised ego's and worried people down Kogarah way, they must perform soon and I believe they will with the players they have. I truly hope it is not this weekend. I am aware we have good side now but I am very nervous about this weekend.

Does anyone else share these thoughts or I am just paranoid? :((
i kind of agree, but id rather have them come off a loss than a confidence giving win, if we can score early and hit them hard, they wiull fall to pieces, IF they stay in the game they will gain confidence,,, I think Gasnier is firing up for the first time this year anyway....

Dont worry, ill put some money on the dragons which will almost guarantee that they will lose !!!!
Nope. We will flog em. Simple as that. They are a **** side who just happen to be tipped by the bookies on the basis that eventually they have to win! Once they run into the defence we have show this season they will crumble. The club has had some very big problems over the off season and they are continuing into this season, coupled will 4 straight losses, they are falling apart at the seams. Just the game wee need to ease us out of the bye.
completely agree.

I think dunley will cut them apart.

They gained no confidence from last weekend and are looking poor.
I read a news article about them though that stated that they have had a few meetings and are going to be having a go at anyone who doesnt perform so beyrone knows who is letting everyone else down.

This will either spur them on to play well or end up in a biff between saints players
It's a tough one. I wouldn't be surprised if we put 50 on them or if we were to lose in a close one.

I see they have most of there stars back.....but that could work in our favour as they should be underdone!
coopers still out but they have barret and gasnier.

Gasnier will be up against Hill and I am sure Hill will bait him out of the game
I agree Byso, we will either crush them, or just get done in.

What's this Newcastle United thing. Did they have a good old bitch fight on the field or something?
two Newcastle united players had a punch up on the field on the weekend and both were sent off (an Aston Villa player tried to seperate them :D)

In the end the club fined one of them half a million pounds
that Newcastle thing is about the funniest thing on a sporting fiel;d, the villa players just didnt know what to do! "**** whos side are we on " lol
it was a classic, I actually got involved in the same thing during in my soccer career. When someone ****s up over and over and over again and then tries to blame you you just want to slap em round the chops.

I had the same thing when our goalie decided he didnt want to play in goals that game so he played in defense with me and boy did he screw up royally and wouldnt listen to me (i was captain) so a quick punch up happened.

I understand what these players were going through but at an elite level its just not acceptable
Actually I have seen a similar thing when I was playing cricket up at Darwin. An opponent drop a crucial catch on the boundary, the captain abused him and he went straight over to him and decked the captain. The captain got up and some more words were exhanged and he went back and decked him again and for good measure put the boot in while he was on the ground. The skipper then got carried off by a couple of team mates with blood pouring out of a few cuts. The guys was banned for 10 years - great entertainment from the sidelines.
now that is classic stuff for Australias funniest home videos
coopers still out but they have barret and gasnier.

Gasnier will be up against Hill and I am sure Hill will bait him out of the game

I wonder what sledges he will bait him with??? Tezza has a few to choose from.

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