Assistant Coach after Flanno


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Well he was a win at all costs, whatever it takes type of player so I'm hoping he injects that mongrel into the squad. Proof will be in the results next year because there is no more excuses. If we don't compete at the top level and pushing for top 4 then another failure won't be tolerated.


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I don’t mind Ennis but he’s been at the Raiders and Eels in recent years without sticking around for long. Can’t be that good


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Ennis speaks in a measured and articulate manner which should connect well with DCE. Ennis also played against DCE for 5 seasons (2011-16) and Brooks for 2 seasons (2014-16).

Reminds a bit of Manly's appointment of Andrew Johns 11 years ago. For an interesting dive into the past, here is a link re Johns appointment...


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Had a funny experience with Ennis. We were at the same kids dance concert, him with his children, me with grandchildren. Things on stage were not going to the choreographers script and we were trying to hide our laughter. Pretty disrespectful but looked at each other and set us off again. It counts for naught for what we are talking about but he did have a close connection with his kids.


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Ennis may be a Penis to some on here
But if he can help our Manly team win a Premiership
he will become everyone's favorite
Because every Manly person loves a winner


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What about we try and get Barrett back? Gus said he was a coaching savant? He was so loved around here and we can blame him again if things don't got plan next season. His furniture might come in handy too?


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Disliked Ennis with a passion up until the semi between Manly and the Dogs and he made an error, I think ingoal and gifted Manly a try. Everyone ran in to give it to him but to his credit (in my eyes) he copped it on the chin. The bastard focused on the footy not the fight.

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