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Christmas is the time of year that most of us reflect of the year just past whilst pondering what the future holds for them in the New Year.

This will be no different for Manly fans as they assess the highs & lows of 2005 while salivating at the prospect of better performances from the team next season after securing the services of Matt Orford and Steven Bell from the Storm.

So what 2006 treats are Sea Eagles supporters be expecting to be in Santa’s stocking on Sunday morning?

Silvertails examines a few possible wishes that may have been sent to the North Pole this Christmas by the always demanding Eagles fans:

• After the end of season capitulation by the Sea Eagles which brought nothing but sheer frustration & disappointment to fans after such a promising start to 2005, fans will want to see a more consistent display by the team in 2006.

It is hoped with more consistency the team will be able to cement a spot in the Top 6 and produce some formidable displays in the semi finals.

• Matt Orford and Steven Bell to play as well as they are being paid and deliver the ‘blue chip’ performances required to ensure the club develops into a Rugby League powerhouse with a realistic chance of a premiership.

• Michael Monaghan to find his feet quickly in a new position, whether it be hooker or 5/8 and make a positive contribution to the club.

• Come July Jamie Lyon will finally be confirmed as a Sea Eagle and Denis Fitzgerald will be seen with smoke coming out his ears.

• Old war horses Beaver Menzies and Ben Kennedy remain injury free and have a stellar 2006 in what could be the last season for both players

• Some of our young players explode onto the NRL stage during 2006 and provide the X factor required to lift the club to a higher level. Could it be a Sean Meaney, George Rose or even a complete unknown like Kyle Arnold. Let’s hope.

• A few cynics may even wish for the football club to send members caps out before the season is half over in 2006 or possibly an original article or news release on MSE that fans have not already read in the Manly Daily or the Sydney Morning Herald.

Many years ago Bing Crosby sang the song “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”, this Christmas Sea Eagles fans will be dreaming of a Maroon & White 2006 season filled with joy and happiness.

So as a Manly fan what 2006 present have you asked Santa Claus to deliver you this Christmas?


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Nice Wheel. Can I sit on your knee while I do this?

01. Jamie Lyon
02. Stuart Fielden

Both Eagles in 07.

Oh if Lyon is free to sign, can he play for us straight after June 30? Like that 1/2 that played for Nth QLD did 1/2 way through the year?


My wish is that if beaver is too retire at the end of this season we send him out with a premiership!!

I'd nearly even cry hahaha


Players have to be registered before June 30, Ryan.

My 3 wishes.
1. Bob Fulton to take on a larger role.
2. No over the top chest beating from certain admin staff.
3. Home final.


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Steve Roach to piss off back to the tigers or anywhere else
Manly to make the top 4
Menzies and Bk decide to go around in 2007
Lyon to sign with Manly finaly
20,000 to every home game


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Manly not to lose by another record margin in 2006.

Manly to "over-achieve" and make top 4.

King to roll his sleeves up and perform to NRL standard (at least)

The Ox & Monas to fire.

Jatz Crackers

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ADMIN : The roadway for the clubs long term financial prosperity is cleared of any & all debris and is assured. Zero infighting or playing hidden agendas by admin staff.
COACHING : During the off-season Dessie has an appifany whislt sitting on the dunny at the training grounds
PLAYERS : Beaver is made Minister of Sport. Lyon joins the Eagles. 2 of our props fall in love and jointly decide to spend the whole season bashing opposition forwards so as to protect their loved one. King either discovers dominant form by Rnd 2 or is removed. Monas digs in and quietly excels in whichever position he lands in.
FANS : Full house at all home games. A degree more optimism from some fans.
TEAM : We end the 06 season in positive territory in the for and agaisnt tally. The combination of Stewart, Bell, Hicks, Ox & Monas crystallises.

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