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6 of the Best!!

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by MK Eagle, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. MK Eagle

    MK Eagle Well-Known Member

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    Forget the title -make it 7...
    Remember before 2013 kicked off....some nights I dont but you get the drift.
    There were these 7 new players who were far from the biggest signings yet have all made the most of the Sea change.
    Hiku, Lawrence, Fa'aso, Symonds, Horo, Hasson & Gower.
    Yes there were others but these are the players who have suprised many & could well earn a premiership ring....
    Its a tough call but who is the best 3 signings from this over achieving lot.

    In no order I go for -
    Lawrence - close to best front rower in 2013- superb athletic player with amazing speed & underrated defence.
    Horo - Works well with Foz & has become the player he potentially could have 2-3 years ago. Speed, aggression & workrate.
    Fa'aso - Yes he has missed a heap of games but is a real X factor with that much needed mongrel in the pack. Dynamic impact who could well be the difference in the finals imo....
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    • Lord Eagleton

      Lord Eagleton Well-Known Member

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      Surely got to be Lawrence. The fact he was rested on the weekend shows what a year he has had. How many other no-name signings at other clubs were rested this year in preparation for finals footy? None.
      With Symonds and Horo also making the podium. Both add so much. Fa'aso is damn good though
    • The Who

      The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

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      I think you got it right, MK. Hiku has also been great. In the early rounds I thought T-Red would prove our best signing, but he was disappointing against the 'Riff, in my opinion. I know he has been injured, but I watched him closely in those first few matches for Manly and he was outstanding.
      We have also had our disappointments with the much-hyped Chee-Kam, and I thought Dane Chisholm would shine as a reserve back - a job taken by Hiku. Obviously Chee-Kam has plenty of years left to make his mark, but it seems Dane may just be below NRL standard.
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      • Killer03

        Killer03 Well-Known Member

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        I'd go Horo first, Lawrence 2nd and Richie 3rd. But seriously they (and the others) are quality.
      • Supesy

        Supesy Member

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        Lawrence by a country mile. You can bet your bottom dollar if JWH is out the Roosters pack will have a massive task in containing Lawrence with Choc and Horo off his play the balls.
      • MK Eagle

        MK Eagle Well-Known Member

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        All true....Mr Who
        Hiku not far off mate, but its almost Lawrence/Horo then take a choice for 3rd....
        Went for Fa'aso because he is exactly the player we need off the bench, especially these big games ahead. I think we will get the best out of him against the Chooks this Sat.
        On Chee - Kam I think he may have been carrying injury majority of 2013 but your summary on him & Chisolm are spot on imo.

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