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Let me start by saying that I have been in favour of Jamie Lyon playing 5/8 all season, and still think he will make a handy 5/8 in time.

However, yesterdays performance just highlighted the fact that he really needs to go back to centre. He carved them up yesterday.

I like the structure we played with yesterday.

Orford, Beaver, Lyon, Bell.

Do we raelly need a specialist 5/8 to win this comp. We have pretty much played without one all season and have been winning games.

I think one playmaker is enough, and Orford fills that role, backed up well by Monas if he is pressured.

Going forward I think we should be playing Menzies at second receiver with Lyon and Bell in the centres.
If Matai unfit, Lyon in centres
If Matai fit, Lyon 5/8, Menzies to forwards

Matai and Lyon both play different games. I like all the dirty work Matai does off our own line, and he makes a lot of metres for us and has been developing a nice offload too.
Lyon doesn't do the hard work to that effect, but probably has extra football smarts in getting on the outside of his man.
No team really has a specialist 5/8 any more so beaver at 5/8 is not a bad idea because Lyon needs to be left centre.

It would be better to put Mattai on the wing next year than 5/8. The club not giving the 5/8 position to Burns is going to haunt us next year.

Maybe we could move Cuthbo in from the wing to 5/8 next year?
Kiwi , the difference between Stevie and Jamie is in the d word. Sure Stevie comes of the line hard, but we look a much more defensively competent outfit without him. Lately when the opposition have the ball I don't **** my pants waiting for young stevie to create a hole for them to run through. There are instances when he does hold the line and it's great to see, but on other occasions he slips back to his old patterns. Wing might be his go to replace Hicks with an implant that tells him not to bother to come in as Lyon will have the centres covered. I too like the Ox, Beaver, Lyon, Bell combination. Put Stevie wonder outside them and let him barge his way to the line. Big wingers seem to be the thing these days.
Matai with the big wind up kick returns would be something to see also! will be like Hoppa in his hey day!
Lyon has incredible class in that he offloads and puts players around him into space. His offloads to Beaver a few weeks ago, his passes yesterday and his positioning of outside and inside supports is superb. He is class.
Matai has nothing on Lyon. id take Lyon on one leg.

I cant believe its even worthy of a thought for Des... Lyon is one heck of a centre.. he proved that against Brisbane.. leave him out there... even against Parra... once Matai went off... he went to centre and scored 2...


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