3-2-1 vs Warriors

Mal Cochrane

I'm not really Mal Cochrane...
Foran showed some really good passages of play today, set up the Horo try and some good plays down the left, but like other games, i feel he goes missing for periods of the game in attack. Our halves haven't been directing the team around the park consistently and offering too many opportunities lately. We get down to the tryline enough times the last 5 or so weeks, but seem out of options.

Hiku, Matai and Ballin, any order....


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3 Hiku had Wolf scored from his grubber...
2 Foz set up two tries and a few red hot chances
1 Choc plenty of tackling and meters
Kite had another good game i thought.


I love Matty Ballin and see he appears quite regularly in the 3,2.1s many weeks due to his courage

BUT the simple fact is that one of the main reasons we don't score a lot of points is our lack of creativity out of dummy half.We need someone to play 20-30 minutes off the bench to give us some impact like Segyaro,Peats etc.I see we had signed Clydesdale from the druggies but he reneged so obviously the coach is thinking along the same line.

Smith, Luke and Friend give the top 3 sides plenty in attack particularly 10 metres out and it is one reason we lag them at the moment.We are more chance of scoring from 50 metres than 10 and other sides know that our 9 wont hurt them and can devote all their time to getting in the face of our halves.

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Agree 100% with that Susan

I nearly lose a TV every week when we get inside 5m and Ballin then throws 2 short balls to a forward on the burst consecutively, we waste our chances when right on the line


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add me too the old school Matty lovers that admit he needs more.

If you look back to 2008 we had the stranger off the bench who would come on and destroy teams that Matty had worn down. It was a team effort, dont get me wrong but we need that spark.

Right now I would give chisolm some practise in reggies and then see how he goes.



He is irreplaceable in defence and his service out of dummy half is great. But we have choc with the quickest play the ball in the game and sadly Ballin never takes advantage of this. Buhrer needs to be our impact hooker plain and simple.


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3. Hiku
2. Foran
1. Ballin

I thought Buhrer looked better off the bench today (as opposed to the last few weeks) and I picked Foran as he fed most of Horo's ball.


A classic example of the same sputtering attack we have is the cowgirls.Last year they were a real threat with Payne and Seguyaro out of dummy half and Bowen playing that sweeping second man role.Now they have zero impact out of dummy half,Bowen is struggling and now injured(like Brett).They have tried 4 or 5 blokes at hooker and none have been effective.

Teams are just double teaming Thurston as they know there will be nothing in the red zone from the 9 as they are doing with us. This combined with a tough but ageing pack make defending us a pretty easy task at the moment,especially with Glen still struggling with injury on the right.So much in attack these days starts with the 9.

The reason we still win games is our defence, something which they have never been able to rely upon and thus they are shot birds.

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Ballins a plodder. He gets the job done effectively but the only time we threaten from dummy half is when Stevie, Jorge or Buhrer get in there and dart out.

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You don't even need to be quick from dummy half. You just need to know when to run and to take support with you. We all love Matty Ballin, but the lack of an attacking threat from dummy half is putting more pressure on our halves. Just thinking about the difference when he came into first grade. Mona's was so much more dangerous but because he mucked around with it too much, whenever he did get rid of the ball, our halves (Ox in particular) had no time to do anything with it. Mona's went and Ballin came in with crisp, quick and early service to Orford, we won a premiership and he won a Dally M. Now we arguably have a much better halfback but our lack of attacking options from dummy half isn't helping. That's the circle of footy life right there!


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Results for Rd 13 are in:

3 Hiku
2 Horo
0.5 Matai
0.5 Foran

Updated leader board below:

Watmough 16.5
Foran 12
Cherry-Evans 7
Lawrence 6.5
Matai 6.5
B Stewart 5
Horo 4
Ballin 3
Hiku 3
Taufua 2.5
Lyon 2
Williams 1.5
Symonds 1.5
Kite 1
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