2025 recruitment & retention

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I'd be delighted with Papali'i.

Also I'm always amused at the 'cant buy him he is from a crap club narrative'

Like clubs at the lower end of the table dont have good players.
He’s a contract year player.So if Manly want him,sign him for 1 season at a time(I am aware that this is unlikely possible)


Reserve Grader
I'd be delighted with Papali'i.

Also I'm always amused at the 'cant buy him he is from a crap club narrative'

Like clubs at the lower end of the table dont have good players.
He is going alright,people should have a look at how much defense he is doing each week( and pretty reliable)no wonder his metres per game is down a little.
Would love to see him here.


I think Papali'i would be a good signing. He was a weapon at Parramatta. He never wanted to go to the Tigers in the end but didn't have a choice, which possibly explains is fall in form. Wouldnt be hard for him to find his form again as he is a worker type


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Or AFB for free, Or B Kelly for free, Or Clinton Gutherson for free, Or Nycho Hynes for free, Or Kaeo Weekes for free, Or Jesse Ramien for free, Or the Hopoate's, Fainu's, Fifita's, Tuitavake's etc etc etc.

We get:
Schoupp - couldn't crack Titans first grade
Woods - free throw in when we gifted Dragons Fifita / Tuitavake
Condon - played 2 games (0 mins) in the year before signing with us
Lodge / Brown - unwanted by clubs - due to injury, form, other (aren't they both injured)? LOOOL
Brooks - offered a 50% contract by Tigers and forced to sign (or they'd move on)
Arthur - let go by Eels mid contract
Paulo - I SO wanted him to succeed, but I don't think I've EVER seen a softer player
Talau - jury is out, but he looks good.
James - Possibly the worst forward I've ever seen in NSW Cup. E-V-E-R
Waddell - Seriously? Thankfully moved back to bench (closer to where he belongs)

Come ON recruitment. Are you ****ing serious?
  • I like Brooks, though a bit flat more recently......but I like the signing.
  • Tom Talau is doing well, but Paulo a flop thus far.
  • Lodge good for 2-3 games 2023 and I feel due to injury and fitness only at 60% in 2024 and now is out injured, so hard to judge, but can't rated a be success rating based on these facts.
  • Shoupp started career well as a Dog pup, but certainly dwindled.....he is a strong player and at first I thought could be signed as a quick forward, more than a powerful average back...but I just wait and hope now and just prey we have an over exceeding signing, as been very few in recent years.

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