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Thomas from the giants defense out for season, torn ACL...poor bastard I hate that injury

They have already had one significant injury prior to this, no doubt good for the eagles


Yeah good news for us, you never wish an injury on an opposition player (Melbourne Storm chunts exempt) even if they do play for your team's most hated rival. Especially tough break for the Gunts as they have already lost Brian Witherspoon & Bruce Johnson from their CB corps. Now Aaron Ross who was slated to be the starting nickle corner gets pushed into the starting lineup & Prince Amukamara (Their 1st round pick from this year's draft) will be the nickle. However Amukamara broke his foot in training camp & wont be playing until October, & even after then it's questionable whether he'll really contribute all that much thanks to his injury & being a rookie, which is a position that rookies typically struggle at (even with OTA's & a full training camp - something that Amukamara hasn't had the benefit of).

Plus, to rub salt into the wound I read last night that their 2nd rnd rookie DT, Marvin Austin, will miss the year with a torn pectoral muscle, which leaves their DT depth sorely lacking. They'll probably try & grab a few guys that the Eagles cut on waivers as we're stacked at DT & CB at the moment.

Eagles are struggling with injuries at right tackle, which is unfortunate but we've remained remarkably injury free everywhere else, knock on wood. We did have the yearly Victor Abiamiri season ending injury but even Marlin Jackson has managed not to pop, tear, break or rupture anything. Maybe this is karma paying us back for all the years of pain?

Winston Justice is still on the PUP list though & Ryan Harris hasn't practiced since the Ravens game & I'm hearing that it's bad enough that the Eagles are considering cutting him with the option to re-sign if he can get healthy for the season. At the moment King Dunlap is our starting right tackle, which...really really worries me to say the least.

A few other injuries I can think of off the top of my head are-

  • Ryan Williams RB (Ruptured Patellar Tendon - Season) - Arizona Cardinals
  • Aubrayo Franklin DT (Sprained MCL - Expected to miss pre-season) - New Orleans Saints
  • Ramses Barden WR (Broken Ankle from last year - On PUP) - New York Giants
  • Osi Umenyiora DE (Knee - 3-5 Weeks) - New York Giants
  • Michael Crabtree WR (Foot - Expected to miss pre-season) - San Francisco 49'ers
  • David Gettis WR (Knee - Season) - Carolina Panthers
  • Mikel Leshoure RB (Ruptured Achillies Tendon - Season) - Detroit Lions
  • Peyton Manning QB (Neck - PUP) - Indianapolis Colts
  • LaRon Landry SS (Strained Achillies - PUP) - Washington Redskins

It seems that this year we're seeing a lot more knocks & niggling injuries but less season ending injuries. I suppose this could be related to the shortened training camps & less intense practices under the new CBA (No two-a-days anymore, so you can only practice in pads for one session a day).

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