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  1. Cameron

    2020 membership count

    There’s no excuse. We have a winning team a great coach and they have dropped the prices. There’s no excuse we should have atleast 15000 members in 2020. The clubs done their bit. Time for the fans to put their hands up.
  2. Cameron

    Manly Team of the Decade

    I’ll give you some names Lewis Brown Willie Mason Nathan green Tim moltzen Nate Myles Issac John Matt Wright Jono Wright Uate Brayden Williame Felati Mateo There’s a small selection Coach Barrett Strength and conditioning Dan The myth Ferris
  3. Cameron

    Big news over here

    The bloodhound gang did a song about that in 2005 called “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo” very very funny stuff.
  4. Cameron

    Big news over here

    No it’s So is Italy :)
  5. Cameron


    Bet he ends up playing for Redcliffe or Wynnum
  6. Cameron

    Members Council Nov 19

    Good wrap up wheel. As far as SM content I’m probably asking for the impossible but would love to hear more from des.
  7. Cameron

    Our Des

    Well Eddie ward, the salary cap cheat bullfrog and the grand final cheat lamb played a role in one of those. Then 1997 was roidcastle I’m clearly not bitter at all.
  8. Cameron

    Our Des

    Imo he already does for one reason bozo coached pre salary cap and had teams full of internationals we bought form 1983-1988 and only won one comp
  9. Cameron

    2020 JERSEY PIC

    Away jersey 11/10 Home jersey 5/10 How are we allowed to change the design after one year. Last years home Jersey is awesome it’s ultimate manly jersey maroon with white hoops is Manly. Will still buy both but a tad disappointed
  10. Cameron

    More rule changes forecast

    I hate the 7th tackle set for field goals. The rule needs to be changed. Kick it dead from outside your attacking 40 and it’s a 7 tackle set. Inside it’s an old school 22 tap with 6 tackles. It was another reactive rule made when players were kicking the ball dead to take fullbacks like...
  11. Cameron

    Manly's blacktown workers sign Shaquai Mitchell ( Latrell's older brother )

    Hey @lsz hope ya well mate. He carried on like a pork chop after being dropped from origin. Also I found his comments re the national anthem offensive. Very talented player but clearly has some attitude issues for the roosters to let him go. For the record the racial abuse he has copped...
  12. Cameron

    Lol at Sunrise

    Interesting new pieces in the red ticker at the bottom of the stream. JWH signs new contract with Manly Hahah big stuff up much
  13. Cameron

    Manly's blacktown workers sign Shaquai Mitchell ( Latrell's older brother )

    Hope he isn’t a flog like his brother
  14. Cameron

    Worst Big Name Signing

    Matt Burke.
  15. Cameron

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Dobbo on Triple M Brisbane is this morning reporting that Manly will be signing Jake Granville. As soon as that happens apparently Lattrel Mitchell will sign with the Cows as well as Holmes. Granville has been down on form the last couple of seasons but there’s lots of whispers about the...
  16. Cameron

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Hope your right mate. I remember reading his mum saying they were scared he was going to be deported to NZ over her porno vid. He seems like a good young kid. Hope he gets thru this and is back on field for us
  17. Cameron

    Brookie Pub at it again

    Glad it’s happy hour not ending. Sorry I love the turbos but I don’t love them that much. Sorry jake sorry Tom
  18. Cameron

    Young Fifita

    I know he’s a professional footballer but no kid that age should be on a boys post season holiday somewhere like Bali. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.
  19. Cameron

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Hahahahha. Lach you are so random buddy. Hope your well mate
  20. Cameron

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Hope I can say this. If it crosses the line feel free to delete @Dan I’ve thought about this for a week and I find it hard to comprehend how an alleged attack could allegedly stab someone when he has one arm in a sling. it seems fishy to me.
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