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    Brayden Musgrove

    Mate, I'm a massive fan of Shuster, I just hope he can get some confidence of playing a season uninjured. I was only having a joke about anyone wanting to be like Latrell, in any form. Unfortunately the NRL have a few stars with attributes my father would have beat out of me at a young age.
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    Brayden Musgrove

    Robbo, what part of Latrell does he have? ego or does he suffers from a high opinion of his worth?
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    Future Blues

    After giving most of the season with a miss with injury they would want him to make a comeback first and get some match fitness? Who knows if he can make a comeback, young ones have a success rate around 30 something % making a comeback? It's all to hard. Hope he does because he was very good...
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    Did you hear about Peter Sterling?

    Evidently Peter Sterling got a bill from Parramatta RL for an electricity bill for $30,000. When he got it he rang the club and said he hasn't worked for the club in 20 years and was told he was last in the trophy room and left the lights on?
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    The Devolution of the Sloth

    Harsh Mark, I still hold a grudge with my ex wife and that was 19 years ago? People say I should bury the hatchet and move on....I say I'd love to, but she wont stay still long enough.
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    Club news

    My concern there is a bit of a push to have his daughter run as President in the election after next. Seriously you'd have to consider saluting the flag or her? Despite her father she is a very smart and pretty lady.
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    Something Positive

    Thanks guys, the large would look good under the pool table!
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    Something Positive

    where did you get the rug? it would look great in the man cave
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    Didn't know he could run 1400 metres, Jetski is running at Randwick race 6 today. I thought his best distance was 20 metres at the warm up? Hmmmm
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    Out of work: It’s Nov 1: these are the NRL players who don’t have a job

    Pleased to announce after consultation with my manager, that I have re-signed for the 2020 season of Silvertails. Whilst some may say it's a really bad signing, I promise that I will provide more laughter to the lives of my fellow team mates.
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    Is there any signing verifications? And Top 30.

    Phone hasn't stopped all day asking what has happened? Hear that Zorba (is this a reliable source?) said that AFB, Walker. Tapau, TT, JT have resigned. I can't find anything to confirm? Only thing I have is that was I ran into DCE lovely wife/partner at a Dance Meet and she said she thought Yeah...
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    Sea Eagles for Sale ... (again)

    Does that mean we all get diamond rings for our respective partners?
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    On a serious note Chip, we REALLY DO need to find a spot for Schuster somewhere, if we don't he'll go elsewhere, and lose another good one. There is probably 3 or 4 others we need to have a progression program in place for as well. Really would like someone to sit down with me and explain the...
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Like your thinking mate but who's doing the chip and who will do the chase?
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    Manase Fainu, and Church dance, and a sharp object.

    There needs to be an investigation!
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    season opener home game

    shame it isn't #nextweek
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    Cross code training

    For a moment I thought the tread was about cross dressing for the players
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    Was speaking to a board member at the Rosters today and he mentioned that the incumbent NRL Commissioner has requested a business plan from all high level management personnel at the NRL HQ. The documents are to articulate existing model, existing practices within each job description, what are...
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    Happily, Manly sign Turbo brothers!!!

    Was in Sydney yesterday and ran into Jake T, asked how Tom was going, and he said Tom was struggling with doing what the Doctors wanted as he want to rush back into getting fit again and wanting to be ahead of schedule. Asked about contracts and gave me a wink and said "all will be good mate"...
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    Another Manly fan gone

    Hi BE, my heart feels for you and your family and I wish you all the best for this terrible time. I have a mother in law that is by herself and is suffering poorly from Dementia, luckily for all she does have her good moments and still a crack up when the footy is on.
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