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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    @nrlphyso Manase Fainu facing long (months) recovery after staph infection discovered in his shoulder. Had shoulder reconstruction in September, required emergency surgery this week. Antibiotics + ? more surgery + delayed rehab ahead, can also cause lasting issues in the joint
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Just read in The Australian, some more bad news for Manase. He has undergone further surgery for a serious infection following his initial shoulder surgery. Originally thought to be a bad virus, he potentially will be in hospital for several weeks. I believe he was due to front court again on...
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    2020 membership count

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    Open training session - NRL Squad @ Blacktown

    Great opportunity for those in Western Sydney to see the squad put through their paces and meet the players next Tuesday December 17th! https://www.seaeagles.com.au/news/2019/12/11/sea-eagles-to-hold-open-training-session-in-blacktown/
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    Club news

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    Eagles visit fire ravaged community

    Absolutely wonderful from the club. All those players and staff volunteered their time to head up on Saturday and on top of that the club put on a bar tab at the pub for locals and came with plenty of merchandise to hand out. A small gesture but one that takes their minds of the terrible...
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    Sea Eagles Members Xmas Party

    It really was a fantastic afternoon - All the players really should be applauded for how approachable and engaging they were. Had a great chat with Addin who looks to be recovering really well (looks to be ahead of Jake). The boys looked to be in really good shape, noticeably Moses Suli was...
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    Centre of Excellence - you can help

    It doesn’t take too long to do and collectively could be of great benefit to this project - This COE is going to make the club a more attractive proposition for players and corporate partners while providing the community with some great facilities. It’s really going to be something special for...
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    Members Council Nov 19

    Perfect wrap up @The Wheel ! Stephen was certainly really impressive and obviously comes with some great experience from his time at BA. @HappilyManly he was certainly very interested in ensuring those pavers don't lose significance as well. The CoE update was really encouraging, and I think...
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    I think that was a number of years ago, sadly for Moses and his family.
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    Major signing news live stream

    I believe the live stream functionality was going to be touch and go, so as a back up to it potentially not working they dropped that article.
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    Happily, Manly sign Turbo brothers!!!

    Press Conference upcoming! https://www.seaeagles.com.au/news/2019/11/15/sea-eagles-media-conference/
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

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    Club news

    Looks like we’ll see some big news tomorrow: @scottbaileyaap Manly to make “major signing” announcement tomorrow afternoon. Looks like an end to the Trbojevic talk is in sight. #NRL
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    ISC gone - Dynasty Sports in for 2020

    Details on new partnership: https://www.seaeagles.com.au/news/2019/11/13/a-new-dynasty-for-manly/
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    ISC gone - Dynasty Sports in for 2020

    Should be some news to come around this later in the month, Ella:)
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Looks like Addin was there in support.
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    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    BREAKING: Manly hooker Manase Fainu has just been granted bail in the Supreme Court - public gallery packed with family who let out big sigh of relief - his coach Des Hasler in the front row @10NewsFirstSyd
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    Rothtools latest Manly ****e

    Highly doubt it would be AFB, he would certainly be on more than that and looks pretty happy with his position at the club via recent social media posts etc.
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    2019 Rumoured and confirmed signings (NON-DISCUSSION THREAD).

    Ryan Matterson officially signs a three year deal with Parra.
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