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  1. brad

    Cameron Smith has no sympathy for cheats

    I've done that and my mate would yell out " Brad just use a tee ".
  2. brad

    Return of The Galloping Goose

    Im having toast cut into soldiers this morning.
  3. brad

    The Folau Saga ... or Castle's Catastrophy

    Well done Raelene Castle, no new haircut for you.
  4. brad

    Edwin Ipape

    He still managed to have insight and run that line mate , like a fox .
  5. brad

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    The Master of disaster, the king of sting , the one , the only Apoooolo Crrrrreeeed.
  6. brad

    Darcy Lussick V Hodges ..

    Hodges shouldn't be sparring 88 year olds , it just ain't right .
  7. brad

    Darcy Lussick V Hodges ..

    We'll win this
  8. brad

    Our Des

    Unfortunately couldn't beat them in the big dance when we hammered them in minor semi .
  9. brad

    2020 JERSEY PIC

    I like the away jumper , reminds me of the Pepsi days , not to fond of the home one .
  10. brad

    Any concerns about the Manly 2020 squad ?

    I'm sure he was contracted until end of 20 .
  11. brad

    Any concerns about the Manly 2020 squad ?

    Lloyd perret getting shown the door tells me we are freeing up coin for a 9 . Master Des at his under the radar best.
  12. brad

    Any concerns about the Manly 2020 squad ?

    I don't think it is just missing Fainu , it's Api as well . They were great because the complemented each other so well . Fainu as good as he is going to be , can and will be replaced and whoever steps in will do the job . Des will make sure of it . Better this now before pre-season then well...
  13. brad

    Any concerns about the Manly 2020 squad ?

    I actually think our 2,3,4 and 5 are our strong points going on 19 .
  14. brad

    Any concerns about the Manly 2020 squad ?

    Injuries are our concern. Not to concerned about the 9 as i have faith in the power's to have it sorted. The young fella from Png may very well fill the void and better now then midway through next season . All systems go.
  15. brad

    Worst Big Name Signing

    Craig Field was woeful .
  16. brad

    Edwin Ipape

    Either way it was a cracking solo effort and showed innatative out of dummy half . Wait till Ballin gets hold of him .
  17. brad

    [Resurrected] Favourite Manly player

    Lyons , Toovey and Hasler . Love Dce but Micheal Robertson was my favourite player. Loved the Robbo.
  18. brad

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Yer I heard he retired but stranger things have happened . He's only 29 and a call from Des might get him over . Probably not but would be great on a reduced contract.
  19. brad

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    Dont know if this has been mentioned, but what about bringing Buhrer home to play 9 .
  20. brad

    Sea Eagle Roosters

    Yep he did and played halfback against us and had an absolute shocker. Almost felt sorry for him .
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