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  1. MissKate

    Cameron Smith has no sympathy for cheats

    Well in all honesty you wouldn’t get many more experienced in cheating ways than scum smith, so he would have been an expert commentator in this instance
  2. MissKate

    The Folau Saga ... or Castle's Catastrophy

    Or is he following a soapbox, how many Twitter/Instagram followers has he gained through his high profile sporting career. Wouldn’t have as many followers as just some random bigoted preacher boy
  3. MissKate

    The Folau Saga ... or Castle's Catastrophy

    If ‘is he for real’ settled for a huge amount why would he be desperate to sign a contract with the nrl. Does he have some hidden agenda/ulterior motive Or did he settle for a couple of million and now needs a job
  4. MissKate

    Gang Violence about to explode in the stands

    Sorry the paper I bought forgot to post pictures of those teams - my bad
  5. MissKate

    Gang Violence about to explode in the stands

    Do you honestly believe that Manly is the only club that have gang related issues, because I don’t. I suppose the journos looked at Manly first and didn’t bother doing any more research. Totally unbiased if you say so
  6. MissKate

    Rule Changes

    Had to laugh at ch9 reporting on the rule changes, especially the new 20/40 rule. Whilst mentioning about it working in a similar way to the 40/20, they showed 2 teams scoring a 40/20 against Manly. Seriously, with DCE topping the stats for kicking the most 40/20s for 2019. Whoever is in...
  7. MissKate

    Rule Changes

    The option of where to set the scrum would benefit teams that predominantly attack down one side, or from one side of the scrum. If the scrum is set 10m out from the sideline teams are limited to only playing from one side of the scrum. If teams are given the option of moving the scrum...
  8. MissKate

    Gang Violence about to explode in the stands

    Whilst I agree it is yet another Manly bashing exercise by the media, it was pretty stupid of Marty to parade around in a 21District jersey and totally insane of him to make gang related hand gestures whilst wearing said jersey, and get photographed doing it
  9. MissKate

    Club news

    Mrs winterstein would most probably be charging $2k a head for dinner so hopefully the Tapaus would knock them back
  10. MissKate

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    How bad would it be with the refs, they already spend the whole game yelling ‘Jake, Jake,, Jake, Jake’ every time Jake T is within 10m of the ruck. Does my head in, can’t imagine doubling up on that
  11. MissKate

    The Devolution of the Sloth

    Does anyone have his address so I know where to send a carton of tissues
  12. MissKate

    Hall V Gallon ...?

    I am no fan of gallen’s but I hope he knocks hall for 6. Anyone boxing professionally should box for 3min rounds. That hall’s team forced gallen to fight 2min rounds is a total cop out - afl pussy
  13. MissKate

    Trent Barrett

    So they said that the panfers were 12 worst in attack last season and barrett has been brought in to fix that. Does anyone know how we rated in attack whilst he was with us?
  14. MissKate

    Rothtools latest Manly ****e

    This is coming from the same idiot who reckons Takeaho at the roosters is on $250k a year and is happy for the roosters to register a contract for and international rep player on money like that. The guy is a fool
  15. MissKate

    Representative honours (& game day thread)

    Someone needs to tell him that he’s just the ref, not the main attraction, keeps blowing his whistle to get attention
  16. MissKate

    Referees 'Evening' Games Up

    Are we trying to imply here that the refs influence games - surely not, they couldn’t do that - really - how would they explain that one away. Oh that’s right, they don’t have to answer to anyone so they can do just what they like
  17. MissKate

    More rule changes forecast

    It’s not only the time it takes the muppets but, if after say 3 replays they can’t make a judgment on it, then it’s not conclusive. So just go with the call from the field ref and get on with it
  18. MissKate

    Sea Eagles for Sale ... (again)

    A jeweller - yay diamond rings all round
  19. MissKate

    Representative honours (& game day thread)

    Enjoying the DCE hate fest by the commentary team, not one of his best games but the muppets in the box have not had 1 single good thing to say about him. He is solely responsible for the loss according to them. So biased
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