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  1. The '47ers

    Manly's blacktown workers sign Shaquai Mitchell ( Latrell's older brother )

    How do you pronounce that? Sha-coy? Sha-kai?
  2. The '47ers

    The Devolution of the Sloth

    Not our fault he was a sh1t player and only made it to Wests!
  3. The '47ers

    The Bush fires ....

    Just north of Toowoomba is burning but they had cricket ball sized hail over on the Sunshine Coast this arvo, the world's gone mad!
  4. The '47ers

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    His mum did a vid?! :lipssealed::giggle:
  5. The '47ers

    Hall V Gallon ...?

    What?! No golden point. They should just keep going until someone drops
  6. The '47ers

    ISC gone - Dynasty Sports in for 2020

    The shirts too! @;)
  7. The '47ers

    Hall V Gallon ...?

    Les Davidson vs Cam Smith
  8. The '47ers

    The "Kieran Forum"

  9. The '47ers

    NSW v The Rest

    C'mon the Rest - and I'm running the water, endone and whatever else will be needed. And I'm calling dibs on the home jerseys!
  10. The '47ers

    Ref ad

    Can't we get a farking rest from this! Two things I hate the most, refs and ads! And now in the off season this bloody ALeague ref ad keeps flashing across my phone every time I change a page :swear:
  11. The '47ers

    The Bali 9 (s)

    Imagine the cops lining up with their handcuffs, chasing " peace agreements"!
  12. The '47ers

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

  13. The '47ers

    The "Kieran Forum"

  14. The '47ers


  15. The '47ers

    Jake and Addin racing the clock to be fit for Rd 1

    Hope they don't go near the surgeon Sam Burgess had!
  16. The '47ers

    Sea Eagles for Sale ... (again)

    Look under the couch cushions, should be enough there to buy the Titans!
  17. The '47ers

    William Kei....Manly

    Oh.... Parramatta :(
  18. The '47ers

    Whats at the heart of the problem?

    Good players can basically do what they like, all's forgiven if you can play!
  19. The '47ers

    News on 2019 jersey yet? Or 2020 one?

    Who is the new kit supplier?!
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