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  1. HK_Eagle

    Rebuilding the power house

    What I believe needs to happen to possibly rebuild this club to a strong viable power house in this competition. 1. The appointment of 2v and/or Hasler to the coaching ranks. This is not because I think they are, or are not, particularly "good" coaches, but more to do with the psychological and...
  2. HK_Eagle

    Practical Suggestions to Improve

    Just wanted to share some constructive suggestions on how the team performance may be improved with some small things. I have no way of knowing if these things are already being done, and it is not meant to be an exhaustive list at all. Feel free to comment and add. 1. Attacking bombs. I would...
  3. HK_Eagle

    Happy Moments

    Figured we could all do with a bit of a lift after the game today. These are 3 special moments from recent years that are stuck in my head and give me great joy. Go Manly!
  4. HK_Eagle


    With all the talk recently about the NSW leadership issue, I was reflecting on leadership within our own team. That loss is not on the new guys coming in. In my opinion, we lost it with poor leadership. The Storm constantly perform bringing nobodies into their structure because they have a very...
  5. HK_Eagle

    10 positives from the game

    (1) Didn't miss a single penalty kick for touch (2) Lyon didn't miss a single conversion (3) Only made 5 errors when attacking in the opposition 20 (4) Not one of our 73 kick offs went out on the full (5) Tafua didn't drop a single bomb (6) No low percentage chip kicks from forwards in our own...
  6. HK_Eagle


    I was feeling a little sorry and down that we missed the finals while teams like St Merge and lol@souffs played... BUT, but then I recalled, we lost to Doesn'tmatta TWICE. One of those was with our finals chances on the cutting edge line. We got exactly what we deserved and we were lucky to...
  7. HK_Eagle

    Bye Bye Silvertails

    I've had nothing but troubles with this most recent reincarnation of the Silvertails site. I can deal with the constant banners reminding I block the crappy pop-ups, but when it constantly resets with error interrupting every time I try to post (especially during games) I've just about reached...
  8. HK_Eagle

    Bye Bye

    Thanks for every player who has bought in and contributed to the Manly culture. Good bye and good luck to those of you moving on, I hope you get all you need and believe you are worth. And welcome to those who buy into this culture and what it potentially brings. Reward in a culture like this is...
  9. HK_Eagle

    Short Kick-offs

    I've often pondered this for as long as I've been watching footy, and it came up again after watching Matai's short kick-off attempts today... Why don't NRL teams incorporate shorter high kick-offs and the relevant contesting skills into their game? The kicks don't need to be just over the...
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