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    Mason Lino

    reports the Knights are trying to move him on to clear some salary space After losing Hodkinson and Elgey, he would be a very handy backup player in the squad to cover 6/7 and 9. Has performed well every opportunity he has been given in first grade the past few years, solid experienced backup...
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    Happy Birthday Arko

    The old boy turns 90 today
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    not sure how much there is too this, but a mate who is normally pretty much in the know with league stuff just told me that when a certain wealthy club signed a superstar fullback from another club, they broke nearly every rule in the book to do so. The NRL are aware of it and investigating it...
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    Week 2 finals tickets: Manly's Area North Bays

    please be Saturday, I have plans on the Friday !! Am suspecting it will be Friday though as they won’t want Parra or Brisbane with a Sunday-Friday turnaround
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    One of the Greatest

    The Sharks didn’t fire much at us, but that must rate as one of the great wins in club history If you said pre season that a side with the names Elliott, Garrick, Parker, Suli, Keppie, Waddell, Goseivski, Perret, Sipley, Olakau’atu was winning a finals match, Blacktown would have been the only...
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    Finals week 1

    If we somehow manage a win next week, it must rate up there among the finest victories in the clubs history Am anticipating it will be the Broncos, with this dynamite, prototype young pack everyone is raving about On our side, looks like we will be missing Taupau, Paseka, Sipley, Thompson...
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    Time to own up

    which Silvertails poster is this ? I’ve already ruled out Technical Coach https://www.facebook.com/248356392288490/posts/749763935481064?sfns=mo
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    Ben Trbojevic

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    Congratulations Souths

    full 80mins without being offside once Amazingly disciplined effort ....
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    Christchurch home game gone

    Just heard on the news the event promoter has gone into liquidation so I’d guess the deal with Manly coming here is dead in the water
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    Get training Desmond

    i want to see a bit of this when we win our next comp
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    New game breaking 2nd rower

    sign him up !!! https://www.facebook.com/675103362553516/posts/2372243382839497?sfns=mo
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    Absolutely disgraceful

    Don’t think I’ve ever heard a worse commentary team. A lot of people say Fox over Nine but I’m not one of them, I’d rather listen to Rabs fart than these clowns speak The main caller has a voice similar to Graeme Hughes when he was in his heyday as a caller. Unfortunately that’s where his...
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    Sir Graham Lowe

    congrats Lowey https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/league/113175377/ace-rugby-league-coach-graham-lowe-given-knighthood-for-work-in-education
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    The play that summed us up last night

    there is one play that stuck in my mind, that indicated a complete lack of direction and game sense last night In the first half Api is held up, we have plenty of time looking at the video to set ourselves and get ready for the next play When the play is blown back on, we have AFB standing at...
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    Playersvoice Wolfman

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    Then v Now

    After watching that game last night, it took me back to 2005, and how our season ended up panning out that year, and thinking the similarities are there with the current season We have had a great start to this season under Des all things considered and are punching well above our weight to sit...
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    class player, defensively holds us together in the middle, but I am not sure we are using him correctly in attack. He is a strong ball carrier but he has gone away from that this season and has become more of a link man. For me we are much more dangerous if his first thought is run and...
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    Players Voice - Steve Menzies

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