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    SOO Needs a revamp IMHO

    I was looking at the game last night and I fell asleep about 20 mins into it. That would not have happened twenty years ago, even counting the fact that I was 20 years younger. It just seems to have lost its appeal a bit or in other words the shine has been knocked off it with a bit of...
  2. D

    What is the difference between Manly and my maiden aunt?

    Nothing they both got to keep their cherry for life.
  3. D

    38th Minute - did the referee touch Lyon on the shoulder?

    I was watching the game on TV yesterday. Lyon was setting up the conversion of the third first half try. The referee came over and with his right hand he seemed to place it on Jamie's left shoulder. Can anyone confirm this please? If it is correct what rule doe the NRL have about referees...
  4. D

    Remember the old jokes we used when Newcastle had only won one game a few years back

    Well they are back but this time they are Manly jokes: In the spirit of fun without getting too serious how about these: 1 What's the difference between Manly and a triangle? A triangle has 3 points. 2 The Manly players found a suspicious white powdery line on the field. Having never seen...
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    Was Bob Fulton the big signing they promised a few weeks ago?

    I remember hearing that the club (a few weeks ago) will be publishing a great signing that'll make everyone happy. (Or words that affect.) Was it Bob or are we going to announce a couple of top-line players coming next year to Manly?
  6. D

    Weel even the commentators are getting into the spirit of it

    I was listening to the tips on the way to the office this morning about round 5. One of the commentators on the Eels v West Tigers said he thought the eagles would win. :) With the likes of Whatnow, Hoppa, Lipstick, Gower and soon to be Foran I can understand the Freudian slip. I wonder if...
  7. D

    Burgess help unfair to the rest of us (www.news.com.au)y i cannot post a link.

    It is worth a read. Sorry I cannot post a link.
  8. D

    Parra v Dogs Friday night

    I watched the game. I saw Choc drop the ball on the Dogs 2 yard line. The cameras went immediately to the Parramatta Coach's box. I think I lip read King Arthur yell "Hold onto the f***ing ball." I laughed. Welcome to our world. Can't see Parramatta going much better than last year...
  9. D

    What do we as fans do on Saturday night at arond 7pm?

    Do we boo both DCE and Foran or do we cheer them? I've been to games where Manly fans have booed our own - Craig Field comes to mind.
  10. D

    It is obvious Des Hasler still reads this forum

    I posted a few days ago that referees should be part of the post-game conference to answer their own decisions or abilities. I heard it reported today De$ Ha$ler said the same thing. So we know where he gets his information from. We fans.
  11. D

    Hayne to be a Niner

    I just heard he was going to the San Francisco 49ers. Damn, they are (where) my NFL team. I've followed them for years. Even way back during Joe Montana and Steve Young as QB's and Ronny Lott as Free Safety back in the 90's. Man I even followed them when Jeff Garcia was QB - I even have the...
  12. D

    We should have a media black-out

    I say this simply because there seems to be a concerted effort to destabilise our team. The board, coaching staff and others should be gagged from talking to the media under pain of death. I remember years ago when anyone bagged Manly we just built the fortress walls higher and said nothing.
  13. D

    This is not a Daily Telegraph Article

    The Daily Non-telegraph can reveal the South Sydney Rabbits are another club set to explode with a massive exodus of senior management staff and players. It is believed that South Sydney has had a massive shakeup of senior staff with Joe Kelly going to Manly to take up a lucrative offer and...
  14. D

    Should there be a summer cup?

    Just a thought folks. I would envisage this to be a challenge type cup pro-am style. Similar to the old Amco Cup played during the week at night. The top-line 25 players of each NRL club would be excluded. So it would be NSW cup, Youth League, Country and maybe the islands such as PNG...
  15. D

    NRL Conference

    I heard on the radio that the NRL is having a three-day conference with about 147 participants to look at changes to be made. However, nothing it was reported is going to change so therefore a bit of a waste of time IMHO. The radio interview went on to ask what these people do in the NRL...
  16. D

    How will Suzanne Young go as the new COO?

    There is a lot of discussion about her not having a league background. To me it doesn't matter if she played or administered rugby league. What matters is if she is any good at what she does. Maybe having people with no league background is a good thing. I have never thought that...
  17. D

    Paul Gallens fine is reduced by $15K

    Good one NRL. Express a lack of faith in the judiciary - $10K fine (Cowboys) Request an investigation - $10k fine (2V) Say the NRL is corrupt - no fine (Thurston) Bash the misses - nothing (too many to mention) Say the NRL are 'female reproductive organs' $50k reduced to $35k...
  18. D

    Aust v England - it was a try IMHO

    That last minute 'no-try' was a try in my opinion. The pom placed his finger on the ball and it was grounded. Put it this way if that was an NRL Manly game and we were 'robbed' by that decision we'd be up in arms about it. Not that I like the Poms and don't really care about 4 nations...
  19. D

    Another Choc thread but why not have some fun with it

    So here goes. Finish this one but please keep them light hearted just for fun. :cool: It has been reported that Choc hates Manly so much he ....... Here's mine - Choc hates Manly so much he's coming back next year to win another premiership. :D
  20. D

    Question re Easts Players and their managers

    Why aren't the Easts player manages asking the Roosters for substantial upgrades now that they have won a premiership in2013 and got close this year as well? I read the article a few weeks ago that a lot of their players are being paid well unders. Are the managers doing their job for...
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