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  1. sean john

    james evans

    Apparently we are in the cusp of signing a future NRL star called james evans. He has been labelled the wonder kid of NZ. Anyone know anything about him?
  2. sean john

    Morgan Boyle signs

    Morgan Boyle signs with manly. Joins the squad this week
  3. sean john

    Most Favourite Non Manly Players

    I found this extremely hard to do, it took me a lot longer than I thought it would, but out of boredom I have made a team of my most favourite current non manly players. I havent selected who i thought are the best players but more along the players i like. It must be a trend cos I can't help...
  4. sean john

    For all the super coaches out there..

    Old but sooo good!
  5. sean john

    Hastings comes out of the closet

    Sorry I meant locker room. https://www.facebook.com/546253932181137/posts/1279084455564744/
  6. sean john

    2019 ladder predictor

    I know it's early days yet and a lot can unfold from now til the kickoff of the 2019 season, but let's get it on record now and have a stab to see where we think everyone will place end of season fixtures in which we can reflect and see who of us are on the money and who struck out. Get on it...
  7. sean john

    2019 NRL draw

    So the first round has been released! Does anyone know when the rest will be announced? Fingers crossed we play the dogs, eels, knights twice this year and get up both times against all of them. Only other preference would be to play Brisbane only the once in Brisbane as our home game. Thoughts?
  8. sean john

    D walks??

    ***THURSDAY RUMOUR MILL*** MORE DRAMA AT MANLY Hearing Dylan Walker is a very serious chance to return to the Rabbitohs at season's end. With all the drama at the Sea Eagles Dylan has had some serious thoughts about returning to his former club. I can reveal that the Sea Eagles will be happy to...
  9. sean john

    Who fills the frogs shoes in the future?

    okay we have seen enough of croaks to know he isn’t the answer to our five eight problem in 2018, and sure enough Hastings looks like he won’t survive the year. Now, with this being the case we are four players short of 30, include Suli and that makes three short. We may potentially be strapped...
  10. sean john

    Tevita Pangai Jnr

    he is off contract end of 2018 at the gronkos. in my opinion this guy is the man we should target. he is listed as a prop on nrl.com altho can play in the backrow. absolute beast of a human who has very good stats especially in tackle breaks and offload department. id like to think his name has...
  11. sean john

    The Joel Thompson Thread (Any Off-topic discussion will be deleted)

    apparently eagles and dragons a cpl of days off agreeing to terms that will see joel thompson be at manly next year! great news!
  12. sean john

    rumours vs reality?

    so in a matter of a week since our season has prematurely ended rumours of player signings have rocketed. with people believing we have big names on the way whilst media outlets believe we have no room in the cap for it. below i have the list of names going around im hoping someone on here with...
  13. sean john


    Rumour has it we are chasing tagatese for 2018. Firstly, i hope its not the international forward we habe signed as i was hoping it was klemmer. Secondly, cant understand the logic in letting bj go to sign someone just as old and imo equal in ability.
  14. sean john


    Who here thinks it would be a good idea to offer alex glenn a three yr deal to trump the titans. Ive always rated glenn and just could be the backrower we need. Absolute workhouse and lots of big game experience
  15. sean john


    Faaaaaaarrrrrrrrkkkkk... chn knocks back massive offer from sea eagles ti remain at penrith. Silly boy. Even with all the star power in the penny squad they still struggle. I mean look at cartwright. I believe chn could of gone to the next level under barrett as he is proving to get the best out...
  16. sean john

    Nate myles signs with...

    Fox sports lmao
  17. sean john

    Top ten

    Seen an article from buzz in which he names his top ten buys for 2017. So i thought id share mine and contrast the views of others. 10.Brian Kelly 9.Korbin Sims 8.Blake Green 7.Brenko Lee 6.Akuila Uate 5.Josh Addo Carr 4.Luke Keary 3.Cameron McInnes 2.Kieran Foran 1.Paul Vaughan
  18. sean john

    Barrett exteneion

    According to bulldog via sporting news. Barrett is close to signing an extension with the club as a rival club was sounding him out. Bulldog also pointed out how Barrett and the squad are overachieving.
  19. sean john

    Beast mode

    Ottio is a beast. Radradra / Vunivalu 2.0 Off contract. Sign him up BOZO! P.S Dont forget.. Harawira Akauola Fuimaono :)
  20. sean john


    Was just watching the sunday ticket in which daly was a guest on, and the panel were talking origin and selections and cherrys possibilty etc. And it got me thinking.. i believe daly wont be picked due to discrimination from senior players in the maroon squad but if cherry was a new south...
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