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  1. Uk eagle

    NRL State of the Game Survey

    I don't know why they're wasting their time, I thought Todd's daughter had all the answers
  2. Uk eagle

    The 2020 NRL Comp and where we fit

    I think the raiders have made a big mistake signing George Williams, despite the hype he's just not that good. He could be the reason they drop down a position or two
  3. Uk eagle

    RWC Refs vs NRL Refs

    It seems like every game is on free to air over here and I've still not watched a second of it not do I intend to, I can't stand "kick and clap"
  4. Uk eagle

    Toronto Wolfpack: Gen info, reports, and SBW signs.

    Central to Dave Argyle's bid to join the competition from the outset was that they would pay all expenses for other teams and wouldn't take the TV money. The game in England is on the whole in such a sorry state financially that one trip a year "across the pond" would be the end of half of them.
  5. Uk eagle

    Sin bin

    I was blowing up about that one too but then I remembered that they had to change the rules to allow Billy Slater to play in the grand final
  6. Uk eagle

    Announcement Brace yourselves, upgrades are coming

    Right, I think I got most of that but even google translate didn't help with the bits I didn't understand. I guess after the grand final I'll just come back in about 5 months
  7. Uk eagle

    Matt Parcell

    Parcell only recently moved from Leeds to hull kr, his career is even on the slide in Super league. Concentrate on what we already have in fainu and use a bench spot for one of our existing utilities
  8. Uk eagle

    Game Day: Manly v Storm [Round 24, 2019]

    We can't afford to let the score get away from us or it will give parra a sniff of overtaking us
  9. Uk eagle

    Non-Manly Games [Round 24, 2019]

    Has anyone for the Titans got any ideas at all?it's painful watching them, they look like an old dog that has been kept alive too long because it's owner can't make the big decision
  10. Uk eagle

    Non-Manly Games [Round 24, 2019]

    I said when Watkins was being signed that I was surprised any NRL team would be interested, his best days are a distant memory
  11. Uk eagle

    Top 8 Smokey. 151-1

    Even if they were to win all 3 it still wouldn't be enough. For mine they'll do well to win 1 of their remaining 3. I don't mind the odd bet but the bookies are rich enough without turning them into a charity
  12. Uk eagle

    Game Day: Manly v Tigers [Round 22, 2019]

    We didn't play great but ultimately won comfortably and scored 30+ points again, when we click for 80 watch out!
  13. Uk eagle

    MVP: Most Valuable player for [Round 22: Sea Eagles v Tigers 2019]

    3 Thommo 2 Tom. 1 Moses I've given my 3 to Thommo because when we were struggling at different parts of the game he...
  14. Uk eagle

    Non-Manly Games [Round 21, 2019]

    If that was the first ever game of footy that you watched you wouldn't be watching a second. Both teams were dire
  15. Uk eagle

    Trent: I helped build Manly's revival

    Maybe now that he realises his coaching career is over he's looking at other options, someone should tell him that getting into stand up comedy is tough and he will need more than one joke no matter how funny it is
  16. Uk eagle

    Ponga wants 4 year 6million deal from Knights

    He's a good enough player but he's not in the same league as Tom or tedesco. Some players are just mercenaries, let him go
  17. Uk eagle

    Game Day: Manly v Knights [Round 20, 2019]

    Newcastle are getting away with a very late second or third man going into the tackle when it's already complete, they've not been penalised for it once so of course they will keep doing it
  18. Uk eagle

    Game Day: Manly v Knights [Round 20, 2019]

    Give any side enough possession and they're gonna score
  19. Uk eagle

    Game Day: Manly v Knights [Round 20, 2019]

    Why was the first tackle a zero when Tommy passed it back to Glasby?
  20. Uk eagle

    Non Manly Games [Round 19, 2019]

    He's always been the same, you look at him and can't believe he can get the better of much bigger blokes but it is that mongrel in him that makes him the player he is, the man doesn't know how to take a backward step
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