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  1. C

    Old Friends

    Hello to you all. It's nice to be premiers. I was hoping someone could spare a Diwana invitation for a diehard studying in America. I need to watch the WCC you see.
  2. C

    My two cents

    I'm absolutely burning but there's no need to talk about how **** we were or complain about the ref, etc. etc. From my POV, it was almost an identical game to a Friday night match against Brisbane back in 2005. It was our first Friday night match for almost 10 years, at Suncorp Stadium...
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    Tape or not to Tape?

    Every time I've recorded a Manly game with IQ this year, we've lost. On the other hand, missing out on 10-15 minutes of the match (what's the point of trimming the match, Fox?) and more importantly, post match interviews really really burned when I got home on Saturday. Not having the pre and...
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    Absolutely must win game

    It's just about sudden death as far as I'm concerned. If we lose, we'll most likely play the Warriors in NZ and if somehow we get passed, the prelim. will be in Nth Qld. Just about the only way I see us having another game in Sydney before the GF is for us to win.
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    Next 4 weeks...

    Hi all, I'm long time reader, first time poster. Anyway, the approach to the next 4 weeks is starting to feel like that slow winding down of an unsuccessful campaign. The games don't really mean anything as far as the ladder goes. Sure, we might clinch the Minor Premiership (great for...
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    Rock Bottom

    Now that we're on the verge of a serious finals campaign, I thought it was time for us 'true supporters' to reflect on some of the more awful moments of the last 9 years. I'd say rock bottom for me was in 2002 against the Cowboys at Brookvale on a horrible winter's night. We lost to the last...
  7. C

    Switch the venues!

    Swap the Dragons vs Tigers match currently scheduled for Aussie Stadium, with the Parramatta vs Cowboys match at Telstra Stadium. Keep the same timeslots, just change the venue. At the moment we are looking at a crowd of around 40k for each match, probably a little less for the Eels match...
  8. C


    Well, call me selfish but BK's decision to play in the Tri-Nations is a little annoying. He's played 20+ games this year, including a bruising origin series. Yeh, he deserves it more than anyone but to have a fresh BK for 2006 would be invaluable. I suppose he has a point to prove, after only...
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    Great year..

    Well, it ended poorly and was capped off by this afternoon but it's probably been the most enjoyable season as a Manly fan thus far. Yeh, 1996 was great, but I was too young to really enjoy it and basically took it for granted. After all the crap that we've been through, it's great to see the...
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    If we do win..

    We'll most likely be playing the Cowboys at the SFS. We'll have most of the support so I guess that's a positive BUT, the more embarrassing this game gets against the Tigers, the more fired up they will be for next week.
  11. C

    Odds vs Parra

    They're the juiciest odds I've ever seen! Centrebet are offering $5.25 for the win and an insane 12.5 start at $2.10! Jump on. Btw, Manly, who were out to $161 to win the premiership, are now in to $51 at the TAB and $71 at Centrebet.
  12. C

    Ladies and Gentlemen..

    It brings me great pleasure to introduce to you, your final 8. 1. Parramatta 2. St. George - Illawarra 3. Brisbane 4. Wests Tigers 5. Cowboys 6. Storm 7. Sharks 8. Manly Friday: Wests vs Cowboys - Telstra Stadium Saturday: Brisbane vs Storm - Suncorp Stadium Dragons vs Sharks...
  13. C

    Dally M

    There's never been a safer bet for Lock of the Year but does BK have a chance to win the gold?
  14. C

    Good Feeling...

    The boys didn't really celebrate at full-time. They all look pretty satisfied but It's good to see that making the finals isn't enough for these guys. It might be ambitious but who knows, we gave the Eels are real scare on a Friday Night at Parra Stadium, without Hindmarsh. This time, we'll have...
  15. C

    Go Manly!

    I think this is something we can all agree on.
  16. C

    When you dominate for an entire half of football...

    and only score 2 tries, one of which was a forward barging over, you have serious problems with your backline, particularly your halves. We didn't deserve to lose that, no way, no how.
  17. C

    Ex-Manly players are Meanies!

    Manly is the bestest team ever, how could they be sooo slack?!?! Just because they were playing football before television and newspapers doesn't mean they have to hog the spotlight now by making up fibs. I should dob. Jason King is really good, you guys just don't know it yet, he's got heaps...
  18. C

    Manly Robbed!

    The 8th try was off a forward pass.
  19. C

    So yeh...

    5 minutes until half time, I just stopped watching.
  20. C


    That was totally awful. We never even got into the match, we just looked totally unfit. Monaghan was terrible, his kicking game was attrocious. After 70 minutes, he didn't even land a single one in the in-goal area, they all rolled over the dead ball line. He set up for another dab into the in...

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 5 5 0 0 114 10
2 Rabbitohs 5 4 0 1 83 8
3 Eels 4 4 0 0 50 8
4 Roosters 4 3 0 1 86 6
5 Dragons 4 3 0 1 28 6
6 Raiders 5 3 0 2 13 6
7 Storm 4 2 0 2 36 4
8 Sharks 4 2 0 2 26 4
9 Titans 4 2 0 2 19 4
10 Knights 4 2 0 2 7 4
11 Warriors 5 2 0 3 -9 4
12 Broncos 5 1 0 4 -59 2
13 Tigers 4 1 0 3 -62 2
14 Sea Eagles 5 1 0 4 -121 2
15 Cowboys 4 0 0 4 -105 0
16 Bulldogs 4 0 0 4 -106 0
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