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    Liam Foran

    Who will admit to wanting him in our top 17 when all players are fully fit after the Panthers game? He is ok as a back up half but not a top 17 player. I am not going to hang DCE as he is class but gee he needs to take more control. He took some very, very poor options tonight.
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    Brett Stewart

    Cost us 2 tries tonight, that miss on Weyman then that piss poor reaction to that kick at the end. Not to mention that stupid pass into the grandstand. Might as well let him go like Lussick, he is obviously useless and just thinking about his next contract.
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    4 x Category B Tickets

    I just got a call from a old work mate wanting to sell me 4 x B Category tickets. However I already have my tickets. He said they are on about the 10 metre line on the top level. If anyone wants them send me a PM. I think they are $140 a ticket, he is selling at face value.
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    Tour de France

    I am not a massive cycling fan but I have got right into this tour. I will watch a Aussie do well anything and if Cadel can win this it will be massive. I cannot think of a harder sporting event in the world. These guys are amazing to do what they do day in day out for 3 weeks. Is anyone...
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    Dads Army

    I thought I would get things under way.  Here you go Darren  :P Most of our players are all old and crap, our recruitment team clearly has NFI, thoughts :)
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    My 12 Year Drug Hell

    http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,22335374-5001021,00.html Good thing he come clean, this confirms all the rumours that have been about over the years.
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    Premier League

    Did anyone see the game on Friday? With Origin here we will lose a couple of players and with Matai looking like he will be suspended we will need a couple to step up. Interested to know how Bani is coming along as if Lyon, Bell and Matai are missing we may well need him. However I...
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    Changes to Manly Team

    Ballin to the bench, Monas to hooker and Halden to 5/8.
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    Gus Talking Up Monas For Origin Half Now On Nine

    tbh he could not do much worse than Gower or Kimmorley, surely Orford has his first blue jumper.
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    Team Line Up - Ballin Gets A Run

    Tigers vs Sea Eagles - Team Line-Up 20/03/2007 By Manly Sea Eagles With regular NRL players Steve Menzies and Steve Matai out this week Coach Des Hasler has had to shuffle the team around. Débutantes Clint Halden and Matt Ballin have been named on a five man bench...
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    Matai & Menzies

    Matai & Menzies Just got a call from the Mrs who heard on the radio that they are both out for a month. No mention of Orford, that has to be good news!!!!!
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    Blocker Quits

    Just heard on the radio Blocker has quit his role as forwards coach. :D Does this mean some will now complain that no one wants to work at Manly?
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    Delmege Loves Des Hasler

    My boss is a dragons fan and forwarded this link to me http://groups.msn.com/WorldofRugbyLeague/dragons.msnw?action=get_message&mview=0&ID_Message=485245&LastModified=4675579731609002717
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    Unchanged LineUp Named

    But Cuthbo is 18th Man, 1 positive I guess.
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    Team Line Up

    1. Brett Stewart 2. Paul Stephenson 3. Steve Bell 4. Steve Matai 5. Chris Hicks 6. Michael Monaghan 7. Matt Orford 8. Jason King 9. Shayne Dunley 10. Brent Kite 11. Steve Menzies 12. Anthony Watmough 13. Ben Kennedy (c)...
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    Daniel & Clon

    Daniel & Clon I remember Dan saying something a while back that picking up women was about confidence and spikey hair, or something along those lines. I happened to come across this pic and wondered if it is you 2 and some mates on a night out on the prowl? :p
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    Bennett Quits Australian Job

    just saw it flash up on tv, will make many people happy.
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    Monas to Tigers?

    http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=63882 saw this posted on the Manly Gang The Tigers reportedly want former international backrower Luke Ricketson to come out of rugby league retirement - the Castleford Tigers, that is. New Castleford coach Terry Matterson has told The...
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    What Happened????

    MSE have the award winners up on their front page. I was expecting to read it here first :D
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    Carroll & Berrigan

    Carroll & Berrigan Have not been added to the train on squad for the Roos tour. I can not believe it. I thought they would be on tour for sure!!!

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 20 18 1 1 299 37
2 Storm 20 16 0 4 258 32
3 Eels 20 15 0 5 104 30
4 Roosters 20 14 0 6 230 28
5 Raiders 20 14 0 6 128 28
6 Rabbitohs 20 12 0 8 169 24
7 Knights 20 11 1 8 47 23
8 Sharks 20 10 0 10 0 20
9 Titans 20 9 0 11 -117 18
10 Warriors 20 8 0 12 -115 16
11 Tigers 20 7 0 13 -65 14
12 Dragons 20 7 0 13 -74 14
13 Sea Eagles 20 7 0 13 -134 14
14 Cowboys 20 5 0 15 -152 10
15 Bulldogs 20 3 0 17 -222 6
16 Broncos 20 3 0 17 -356 6
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