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  1. tookey

    Storm Brewing?

    Toddy's no fault penalties worked a treat with the players The off season is barely a week old before the first scandal
  2. tookey

    Des back at work.

    We told you Des Hasler was straight back to work after Manly’s finals exit – and it’s already paying off. The Sea Eagles have quietly added promising Newcastle centre Brayden Musgrove to their roster for 2020, quietly sneaking under the guard of rival clubs. Musgrove has had his injuries...
  3. tookey

    NRL has to give away semi finals tickets to Rosters V Storm

    The 6 people that actually paid for their tickets would be pissed off
  4. tookey

    NRL has to give away semi finals tickets to Rosters V Storm

    The new stadium will have holgrams of fans to fill in the empty seats so that it looks like every game will be played before a full house
  5. tookey

    New CEO?

    Someone who is after a bit of short term employment
  6. tookey

    Centre of Excellence/new 3,000 Seat Grandstand at Brookie – timeline updates here?

    Is this not just a duplication of what we already have at Narrabeen? Expensive way to get a new stand at the northern end of the ground
  7. tookey

    VERY interesting

    Was he not wearing his sea eagles pjamas? :rofl:
  8. tookey

    Annesley admits ref mistake

    10 mates from the souths tryline is a try scoring opportunity About 20 metres closer than Gagai's Our penalty and Burgess in the bin for 10 minutes completely changes the game Good chance we score in that 10 minutes They have more officials on the field than ever before and they all miss it...
  9. tookey

    Why didn't we get a penalty?

    Did he also mention that we would have won the 1997 grand final if Newcastle....
  10. tookey

    Who do the Raiders play in the GF ?

    Roosters Far and away the best team and will be fresh with the week off
  11. tookey

    Sivo follows Semi ?

    The offer might have dropped quite a bit after last night Talk about a deer in the headlights
  12. tookey

    Brayden Musgrove

    He has his own YouTube video.how can we not sign him
  13. tookey

    Bernard Sutton had a blinder.

    Souths Gerard Sutton named man of the match
  14. tookey

    Dessie blowing up deluxe

    Dudded on more than one occasion Parker taken out when going for a try scoring opportunity like Gagia No penalty to us and should have been a sin bin of the souths player Elliott tackled in the air and eye gouging went unnoticed
  15. tookey

    Why didn't we get a penalty?

    Parker taken out in the first half chasing the ball?
  16. tookey

    2019 Rumoured and confirmed signings (NON-DISCUSSION THREAD).

    Brodie Croft to the broncos almost done apparantly Croft almost a Bronco The Broncos signing of Brodie Croft from the Melbourne Storm is all but done. On the outer this year under Craig Bellamy, Croft wants to be a regular starting halfback which the Broncos are more than happy to offer...
  17. tookey

    My 150 million Powerball win.

    And football clubs are happy to accept millions of dollars from lottery companies for naming rights to their grounds Fact of life the poor people pay footballers salaries one way or another whether it is through Lottoland or poker machines in leagues clubs
  18. tookey

    Knights part ways with Buhrer

    Anyone but Barrett
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