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  1. rifraff

    Mason Lino

    I wouldn't say no to Lichaa. Has to be close to minimum wage. Can defend, can play 80. Would be my bench hooker over anyone else. If he is cheap and we can afford.
  2. rifraff

    RWC Refs vs NRL Refs

  3. rifraff

    The 2020 NRL Comp and where we fit

    And with an arse like that why would you post pics of your bald head and muscles?
  4. rifraff

    The music clip thread

    Loved Spence, July and Coyne and already had a few others you voted on in my playlists. I am glad I asked you to do that. Great stuff..
  5. rifraff

    No 1 rule change 2020

    Wouldn't work unless you get rid of the backwards out of the hands. Simplifying the game is what the should be aiming for. I would be 100% behind getting rid of all passes that are thrown or float forward.
  6. rifraff

    2013 all over again?

    I know man and I didn't want the roosters to win and when the ref said six to go it should have been. But I also think the Cronk sin binning was harsh. I don't think or want to believe the comp is rigged.
  7. rifraff

    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    Is it not also the up to $50 dollar bet that sporting bet have refunded every week of the year? How is this week suddenly different?
  8. rifraff

    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    PR stunt. The odds on Raiders winning were big. Don't see the bigger companies returning money.
  9. rifraff

    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    What a sharing caring company.
  10. rifraff

    Big Marty extends

  11. rifraff

    2013 all over again?

    Don't think so. Both of the big contentious decisions were the correct decisions. They were wrong, but they were also right. The Canberra tactics were way more to blame than ant referee
  12. rifraff

    Toronto Wolfpack (Gen info and game day reports).

    Population of Canada 37 million Population of Featherstone 14 thousand How can anyone not see where you are likely to make more money from.
  13. rifraff

    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    Bird and Vatuvai, didn't they retire 27000 years ago? Why were they shown around as new retirees
  14. rifraff

    The music clip thread

    We need a top twenty @Moondog favorite songs.
  15. rifraff


    Can't go wrong with a tattoo.....
  16. rifraff

    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    He failed at his dream of being the biggest wanker on the forums... Congratulations...
  17. rifraff

    Players I'd like to meet

    Warren Beatty
  18. rifraff

    Happy 40-Nil Day

    Sounds like a fine dining experience. Would you recommend a red, white, or a carton of vb with that?
  19. rifraff

    Non-Manly Games [Finals Week 3, 2019]

    Played one game there. Got to run through some sort of plumbers pipe tunnel. Despite my best efforts, we won. Woohoo!!!
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