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  1. Alan

    Glenn Stewart return

    Mike, agree with your sentiment but the appropriate decision will be made by considering both Quantifiable and Qualifyable factors. It maybe that the opinion is the phycological advantage of playing Glen may out weigh the physical disadvantages.
  2. Alan

    Manly vs Warriors [Round 20 2014]

    The only human being that could possibly hope you are right is Mrs Mozzie.
  3. Alan

    ISC Marvel Superheros Jersey

    I don't want my jersey seeled.
  4. Alan

    Hands Up Who Likes Boxing?

    Such genuine concern for my love life .... loves youse all.
  5. Alan

    Darius Boyd

    Good footballer but way far too much baggage for mine. Wish him well elsewhere.
  6. Alan

    Hands Up Who Likes Boxing?

    It's the big words that bugger me
  7. Alan

    Jamie Lyon v Michael O'Connor

    Snoz was a very very very good centre, but your comparing him to the most complete centre I've seen in 50 years.
  8. Alan

    ISC Marvel Superheros Jersey

    You're just blowin in the wind GE
  9. Alan

    Supposed "Crisis at Manly" Megathread

    RE: Next on 9 news: Crisis at Manly We could approach Cronulla to rent space in theirs.
  10. Alan

    Sign the Polar Bear

    Simple risk/benefit equation. Is Hannatt good enough to risk a potential rift in the manly camp? I don't think so.
  11. Alan

    How Immortal Bob Fulton's Manly side launched the NRL's coaching revolution

    It all started with the unwritten Manly policy of only employing ex-manly players as coach. I can only think of 2 non-manly coaches since 1963, (Lowe and sharp) and only about 5 in total since 1947. This is the beginning of the "culture"
  12. Alan

    DCE 20 year deal

    A hug, maybe all he wants is a hug.
  13. Alan

    Postcards from home

    nagdammitt, (He He) out-globalled global.
  14. Alan

    NSW & Holden Cups - Round 19 Team Lists, Info & Results etc.

    lying on the couch all day in my manly beanie and undies IS doing something!
  15. Alan

    Summing up national personas through the act of bumping into someone

    I'm that ugly that I take random bumping as affection, and old enough to be grateful.
  16. Alan

    Postcards from home

    He's got 4 daughters, you would think one of them would have given him a tip.. sounds like a female quilt conspiracy. They were probably down at the shopping mall with the credit cards before he got home.
  17. Alan

    Postcards from home

    Was having coffee with old mate Scotty this morning at the café when his phone rings ... it is his wife ... she tells him she hopes that "Alan" is a good root because he is absolutely no chance at home. He had forgotten today was their 18th anniversary. Needless to say he was out of...
  18. Alan

    MANLY V ST MERGE [Round 19 2014] 21-7-14

    yes dear, whatever you think best dear, yes you're right dear.
  19. Alan

    Postcards from home

    I've been hat-napped, dagnabbit!
  20. Alan

    Round 19 - Non Manly Games

    Souths (1971) 43 years It has been 47 years for Cronulla. Even the worst club in history the Bears won a premiership on average of 1 per 41.5 years.
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