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  1. anthonyb1965

    Another Manly fan gone

    My thoughts and prayers are we you and your family Budgewoi. Take care
  2. anthonyb1965

    Jackson Hastings

    He was sharp out of dummy half the few chances he got and could cover in the halves. Good on him!!
  3. anthonyb1965

    Jack Wighton free to negotiate ...

    The guy is lucky he is not in jail! No thanks
  4. anthonyb1965

    favourite Manly rookie for 2019

    Garrick but Keppies last couple of games were awesome!
  5. anthonyb1965

    Lol @ Parra

    Loved this headline
  6. anthonyb1965

    Api Koroisau

    Well played Api, good luck at the chocolate soldiers ;)
  7. anthonyb1965

    Bernard Sutton had a blinder.

    I thought I saw this but thought I must have been seeing things. If he doesn’t get 8 weeks I would be highly surprised!
  8. anthonyb1965

    MVP: Most Valuable player for [Qualifying Final: Sea Eagles v Sharks 2019]

    3. DCE - Champion leads champions 2. AFB - The Beast 1. Keppie - Amazing game, bent the line continually!
  9. anthonyb1965

    Tip for all 4 Finals

    I think tonight's game will be won by 1 maybe 2 points - Leaning towards Souths Storm v Canberra - Storm have point to prove so Storm here. We've got this one vs Sharks - I think they will be complacent (despite saying they won't) and any half measures Des has had us playing over the last few...
  10. anthonyb1965

    JAMIE LYON hat-trick steers Ballina to nrrrl title

    How old is Killer now? 37? Great to see him smiling and still playing so well!
  11. anthonyb1965

    AFB - "I want to be here for the good times"

    With an equal or better roster!
  12. anthonyb1965

    'It's not about this old fossil': Des Hasler and the rebirth of Manly

    One of the best articles I have read about our Team! Thanks Dessie, support staff and of course, the players!
  13. anthonyb1965

    Ponga wants 4 year 6million deal from Knights

    Yep, spot on. Is he worth it, not in the near future.
  14. anthonyb1965

    Jesse Ramien

    Its unfortunate that potential stars follow money and end up with coaches that cannot help them improve their game. Brown is another in the Barrett mold NFI!
  15. anthonyb1965

    Fainu and Suli

    I think his defence has improved out of sight!! Walkers D at centre is far worse!
  16. anthonyb1965

    Another One!! (Good news story)

    What a great story, love seeing the kids excited!
  17. anthonyb1965

    Taufua: Two year contract extension.

    Woodsie told you ;)
  18. anthonyb1965

    1 million and counting

    Where is Lord Of The Memes @BOZO ?
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