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  1. ellakasmar

    Member Add-Ons

    Does anyone have photos of the tote bag and swell bottle? Can’t find them anywhere
  2. ellakasmar

    2020 Draw out soon

    Can’t wait for the draw to come out to start planning away trips woooo!
  3. ellakasmar

    Grand Final staying in Sydney

    I have mixed feelings about it. Living in Sydney, I am pretty grateful that it's staying here, especially because it makes it a whole lot easier for my grandparents to attend. Also being the last team to win a grand final at the SCG, how cool to continue that record over three decades later! But...
  4. ellakasmar

    Storm Brewing?

    Hope it is him!!! Will be so happy for the award of the first team to have a bad off season incident to go to the Storm xxx
  5. ellakasmar

    Representative honours

    Daly has been brought into the Aussie 9s squad to replace Cody Walker https://twitter.com/kangaroos/status/1182890528192360448?s=21
  6. ellakasmar

    Representative honours

    The Kangaroos have been using Manly’s victory song for the past couple of years...how happy do Jake and Reuben look singing it hahaha!!! https://twitter.com/ellakasmar/status/1182628944492691456?s=21 Glad to see Gutho still remembers the lyrics ;)
  7. ellakasmar

    Representative honours

    Final teams in...Reubs still on the bench :(
  8. ellakasmar

    Representative honours

    Yep surely means Garrick will play on the wing I hope! Would be even cooler if they put him on Brad’s wing awww
  9. ellakasmar

    Representative honours

    For anyone wanting to watch Brad, Jake and Reuben in action tonight for the PMXIII game, it’s finally being televised live for the first time ever in my memory. Coverage starts 6.30pm on Fox League :)
  10. ellakasmar

    The 2020 NRL Comp and where we fit

    So cool to see so many opposition fans seeing us at the top.... gonna join league unlimited! Anyone else with an account on there who posts regularly?
  11. ellakasmar

    The 2020 NRL Comp and where we fit

    Like others have said, I really have a feeling the top six will stay the same. Just the order may shuffle around a bit, can see us going up to top 4, Souths sliding down. I know we all do but I really want to win the premiership lol. Because Im getting a tattoo when we do hahahahahahaha. Mum...
  12. ellakasmar

    Joel Thompson - accident.

    What a reality check that is! So scary to come so close to a very very bad outcome, especially with two young kids. I bet he’s learnt his lesson here. Not the smartest thing he’s ever done, but hope for a really speedy recovery. Would’ve been the fright of his life!
  13. ellakasmar

    OK Crusher - Mission Fiji

    Like the idea, would be a good replacement for Jorge once he retires/moves on. Although young Albert Hopoate might find himself a spot there?
  14. ellakasmar

    SEA EAGLES 2020......

    I really hope Brad Parker has an awesome season. I know there are plenty of doubters after his performances pre-2019, but the past is in the past! I'm a huge fan of his now so I may be biased, but I honestly reckon he had an awesome 2019. Obviously, to be chosen in the PMXIII's and junior...
  15. ellakasmar

    Lol@ NRL Churchill medal

    Here it is! https://twitter.com/thenrlroast/status/1181150363769901056?s=21
  16. ellakasmar

    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    Wow Greenburg needs to go!! Check out this footage after they were informed Wighton was receiving the CCM rather than Hargreaves https://twitter.com/thenrlroast/status/1181150363769901056?s=21 Very unprofessional IMO - Todd looks almost disappointed when telling Ricketson!
  17. ellakasmar

    Representative honours

    How good! Reuben in 3 rep teams - wow!
  18. ellakasmar

    Representative honours

    Congrats to all our players who have been called up for representative teams thus far. Australians Kangaroos: - Daly Cherry-Evans - Jake Trbojevic Australian 9s - Reuben Garrick - Daly Cherry-Evans Prime Minister’s XIII - Brad Parker - Jake Trbojevic - Reuben Garrick Junior Kangaroos - Brad...
  19. ellakasmar


    I really hope it’s soon because I wanna get my first tattoo when we win our next GF so back to back would make that experience much greater
  20. ellakasmar

    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    Honestly glad we didn’t play tonight if yet another howler of a decision didn’t go our way. Hope for a much less controversial 2020, and a Manly grand final win ;)
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