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  1. Blucky

    Annesley admits ref mistake

    Because they gamble responsibly . . .
  2. Blucky

    The corruption and cover up rolls on as Liam Knight not charged...

    Looked at it multiple times on the video. Originally though the hand was Cook's, however it is DEFINITLY Knights. You can see in the photo above, that Cooks arm is going down onto Perret's chest. This is more obvious in the video, where the hand on the face disappears when Knight gets off...
  3. Blucky

    NRL ref check

    For transparency purposes I think refs should declare who they supported and who they hated as a child, and not be able to ref those games. Also each team should get two ref's picks at the start of the season, of refs who have been openly biased against us in the past, and they cannot referee...
  4. Blucky

    Gordon Chan Kum Tong

    Not to forget ZtC
  5. Blucky

    Non-Manly Games [Finals Week 2, 2019]

    Was that ringworm or ringpiece ?
  6. Blucky

    Kotoni Staggs

    Yeah but, Cotton-Eye David doesn't really have the same ring to it . . . .
  7. Blucky

    Kotoni Staggs

    Pronounced "Cotton-Eye Stagg" ? Like Joe's, brother ?
  8. Blucky

    Supporter Buses on Friday

    An idiom. Is that like a meme, but for idiots ?
  9. Blucky


    Think after last night he deserves a nick name. Thoughts anyone ? “The Kepper” could be a working title for now
  10. Blucky


    Or just Whacker ?
  11. Blucky

    Is there any games on before 1st Grade this Sat?

    That’s way past their bedtime !
  12. Blucky

    Manly Facebook pages - Official & Fan Pages

    Pretty sure he goes by the name of Simmo on here . . .
  13. Blucky

    Smith Caught - New Grub Act

    I'm sorry it's not a real tackle unless it has a name. Given the current news, something with "ear" and "ring" in it would seem appropriate . . . . .
  14. Blucky

    News: Api Koroisau contract situation

    Didn't see Api in any of the pictures from the Captain's run. Is he playing this weekend ?
  15. Blucky

    Game Day: Storm v Manly [Round 19, 2019]

    I’m not sure who the Silvertails brother was who mentioned the Caufield races as pre game entertainment, but I’m here an there is a guy over the other side of the members barrier with a Manly top on. Anyways, Soaring Eagle in race 7 at 50 odd to 1. What’s not to like about that ! See you at the...
  16. Blucky

    Vs STORM

    The new Black Prince of Lygon Street ?
  17. Blucky

    Brookvale playing surface

    Looks better than my carpet at home !
  18. Blucky

    Non-Manly Games [Round 17, 2019]

    All you need to do is silently say the "Fu" bit, before the "King Gutho" and there you have it.
  19. Blucky

    First Trip to Brooky!

    Yeah but 4 Pines in cans is crap. Go to the Truck Bar, there are LOTS of different beers to chose from, Manly jerseys will be everywhere, and they will show early games on the big screen.
  20. Blucky

    Sea Eagles $10M deal to keep Trbojevics

    Anyone think Turbo is batting above his average ?
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