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  1. Narrabeen Laker

    Stop this roosters advertising

    Ffs - every time I log onto Silvertails I keep seeing the roosters merchandise
  2. Narrabeen Laker

    Roosters v Raiders Grand Final Thread

    The only thing worse than the Effin refs is the advert for roosters back to back memorabilia all over my silvertails thread . Real kick in the guts. We have sold out
  3. Narrabeen Laker

    No 1 rule change 2020

    If you can kick the ball at the opposition trainer you get a penalty .that should stop em being the 14th man
  4. Narrabeen Laker

    If bought Semi tickets to Brookie - post details here

    I must agree that the system was very unfair to a loyal member like yourself . I am a shift worker and only got to 5 games this year on the hill as a casual member . I was still entitled to buy at the members sale on Tuesday and I will be sitting in the JT stand for the first time in about 30...
  5. Narrabeen Laker

    If bought Semi tickets to Brookie - post details here

    Bay B Jane try 2 tix whoop whoop
  6. Narrabeen Laker

    Lottoland cleared - Manly Home final!

    The other 3 finals are for sale on ticketek but people are saying Ticketmaster ? What’s the site they be on sale ?
  7. Narrabeen Laker

    NRL Semis - Week 1 Ticket Info

    Yeah but how much ??
  8. Narrabeen Laker

    First semi final at Brookie

    I think the refs will ensure a 13 plus victory against the eels . This will put us 6th . Last year 6 played 7 at 4pm Sunday . Bring it on us vs broncos on a Sunday arvo
  9. Narrabeen Laker

    Game Day: Manly v Storm [Round 24, 2019]

    What happened to tom
  10. Narrabeen Laker

    First semi final at Brookie

    Just think of it as a contingency post
  11. Narrabeen Laker

    First semi final at Brookie

    If we finish 5th and get a home semi does anyone know when the tickets will go on sale and how much they will cost ? I always go GA but might splurge on a grand stand seat
  12. Narrabeen Laker

    Cocaine at Manlys Mad Monday last year

    Ha ha the integrity unit
  13. Narrabeen Laker

    Who is Michael Ibrahim

    Fresh news about a new bid for the sea eagles . Anyone got any idea how he made his money and how much he has https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/ibrahim-launches-new-solo-bid-to-buy-sea-eagles-20190809-p52fqo.html
  14. Narrabeen Laker

    Game Day: Warriors v Manly [Round 21, 2019]

    This is what happens when we start reading our own press . We do much better as underdogs .
  15. Narrabeen Laker

    Sam Burgess wins appeal and is free to play

    That burgess grub has been charged 15 different times , whacks a smaller playmaker in the head and knocks him out . The judiciary finds him GUILTY and then imposes a $1900 dollar fine with no suspension. Am I living in a dream world ? If so when do the 40 virgin brides come knocking on my door ?
  16. Narrabeen Laker

    PRE-GAME DISCUSSION: Manly v Knights [Round 20, 2019]

    Just saw Mitchell and SKD walking down manly corso . No drinks in hand but that’s gotta be a good sign for manly . What could go wrong being out the night before a game
  17. Narrabeen Laker

    This is how bad the refereeing is

    So the head of referees Annesley said today that he is unsure if the refs got the call right on Rogers last pass that was ruled forward. Well the refs made a decision that he doesn’t know if it was the right one ?
  18. Narrabeen Laker

    This is how bad the refereeing is

    Or Melbourne
  19. Narrabeen Laker

    Game Day: Manly v Eels [Round 18, 2019]

    Let’s hope the rub of the green swings back
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