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  1. Lord Eagleton

    The Jerker

    I suspected they are going to use him at fullback, as i dont think Holmes is the best fullback option now. But youre probably right, he may slot straight into 5/8
  2. Lord Eagleton

    The Joel Thompson Thread (Any Off-topic discussion will be deleted)

    But anyway, lets get back on topic. Joel Thompson, great addition to our pack!
  3. Lord Eagleton

    The Jerker

    1. With James Tedesco and Cooper Cronk on fire, the Roosters start the season as the team to beat. I wouldnt be so sure. Combinations anyone? It wouldnt surprise me if it takes them 3 months to get their new combos satisfactory. 2. Souths welcome back GI but the superstar fails to make a major...
  4. Lord Eagleton

    The Jerker

    Barrett was just extended, no?
  5. Lord Eagleton

    Manly back row 2018

    Having Thompson in our backrow adds something that reminds me of what we had when Choccy Watmough was there. Some starch, some aggression, some presence, a dogged defender, a touch of niggle if necessary, a fit 80min backrower. Replicating those Choccy qualities is a good thing for us
  6. Lord Eagleton

    The 'General Off-Topic Discussion, Banter, Arguments & Hopefully Some Mediation' Thread

    Id have Jesus at prop. He handles getting nailed better than most
  7. Lord Eagleton

    Best Todd Greenberg name

    Penis lips
  8. Lord Eagleton

    Social Media improvement

    Their instagram has become a bit more relateable and not as stale. A bit more young people-centric. Just in the way they caption their photos etc. You can tell someone under 28 is at the steering wheel
  9. Lord Eagleton

    The Joel Thompson Thread (Any Off-topic discussion will be deleted)

    Big call. Yes he will be great for us but not so sure it will be to BK level. Needs more crazy eyes for starters
  10. Lord Eagleton

    The "Kieran Forum"

    The Brisbane Times always lets you in.. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/sport/nrl/nrl-2018-kieran-foran-on-last-nrl-chance-says-former-canterbury-bulldogs-great-graeme-hughes-20171220-h07n84.html
  11. Lord Eagleton

    Interesting pickups for Workers..

    Would it maybe be easier for Blacktown Workers to just do their recruiting via Long Bay Prison's recently paroled or something
  12. Lord Eagleton

    Best Todd Greenberg name

    Simple, accurate and to the point. I like it.
  13. Lord Eagleton

    Best Todd Greenberg name

    Big blubbering vagina Toddles
  14. Lord Eagleton

    Best Todd Greenberg name

    Im sure i made a thread about this very subject a few years ago, such was my admiration for the bald knob and his lofty levels of integrity. I suggested Toddy Fartberg. I stand by that. That said i could handle Greenturd. Hopefully soon in the future it can be Sackedturd
  15. Lord Eagleton

    Salary Cap Witch Hunt. **Appeal unsuccessful**

    If it was any other organisation id probably agree with you. However with Greenturd and this NRL management, i have zero faith in them using this rule fairly and with integrity. No confidence in them whatsoever... they would hammer Manly with audits and turn a blind eye to the clean skins, like...
  16. Lord Eagleton

    Angus Crichton - the 3 clubs that want him

    Its the 3rd party deals. So its not surprising they can attract more quality players because of all the business connections of the Roosters board (Politis, Bouris, the guy that used to be David Jones CEO, is Packer still there? etc) He is likely taking say, 500K on the sombrero + say, 400K in...
  17. Lord Eagleton

    Salary Cap Witch Hunt. **Appeal unsuccessful**

    ^^^^^^ where is the 'love' reaction to that post
  18. Lord Eagleton

    Salary Cap Witch Hunt. **Appeal unsuccessful**

    I think that is his way of calling out the NRL on this - its probably as anti-NRL as he will get
  19. Lord Eagleton

    Salary Cap Witch Hunt. **Appeal unsuccessful**

    Here we go people. Step up the great Bozo! Hopefully Bobby F gets involved again and gives Toddy some kind of a verbal uppercut, which he so badly deserves https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/sport/nrl/bob-fulton-is-the-elephant-in-the-room-of-the-manly-salarycap-scandal-20171214-h04qfk.html
  20. Lord Eagleton

    BJ pre-existing injury

    Hi guys. Im Todd. Just thought i would drop by to let you know we are aware of this issue and are working through a process. Best
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