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  1. D

    Reynolds offside by 5 metres

    Is anyone able to grab a screenshot of him being offside?
  2. D

    2014 member pack arrived

    So they've sent out my membership pack twice, neither with the hat collection voucher. At least I can rock dual bumper stickers now.
  3. D

    Silvertails 2013 Tipping Comp!

    Signed and paid just now, the message also mentioned a last man standing comp, is this around anywhere or am I blind?
  4. D

    Who else is going to Melbourne?

    A mate got us GA tiks for the game so it looks like we'll be ripping it in Bay 14, let's bring the noise boys.
  5. D

    Gambling and the NRL

    Wait until next season when you'll no longer have to call up to do live betting and can just do it through the bookies website. Pretty sure new laws are being brought it at the end of this year to allow it and it will send live odds advertising through the roof.
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    Where was the crowd noise?

    Credit to old mate who let out the longest 'Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanly' I've probably ever heard.
  7. D

    Bartholomews & The Christmas Triplets Greatest Hits

    Listened through 3 or 4 of them so far, absolutely cracking stuff.
  8. D

    Andy Raymond is the best commentator

    Always liked Andy Raymond, knows what he's on about and has a good player knowledge. Seems to enjoy watching Manly play as well.
  9. D

    Will Manly reveal all vs Storm - or wait for finals?

    When we lost at Brookie to the Storm late 2008, I walked away pretty content knowing that we matched them and could beat them again if we met them in the finals. I felt the same after the Dragons game this year and I have a feeling we could see a similar result tomorrow night. We'll match or...
  10. D

    A BIG thank you

    Drove up from Canberra today to see my first game at Brookie this year. Met my Dad out at his place in north-west Sydney but we didn't rock up to the game until about 20 minutes to 7 due to traffic being a shocker. The line for tickets was huuuge and we'd only gone twenty metres in the 30-40...
  11. D

    No excuses (but what's yours?)

    Driving up from Canberra for it, hope the weather stays good!
  12. D

    Rabbs saddles up

    haha, that's slowly become one of my favourites
  13. D

    Canberra will be desperate next week!

    Was at the Raiders game today, as long as we contain Dugan and rush Orford at every opportunity we should be fine. Orford is still struggling from the groin injury, looked three steps off the pace all game and has lost any speed he once had. Their passing from dummy half was woeful until Tongue...
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    2011 Squad

    1. Brett Stewart 2. Michael Robertson 3. Jamie Lyon 4. Steve Matai 5. David Williams 6. Kieran Foran 7. DCE 8. Jason King 9. Matt Ballin 10. Brent Kite 11. Anthony Watmough 12. Shane Rodney 13. Glenn Stewart 14. Terrence Seu Seu (is he signed up for next year?) 15. Tony Williams 16. George Rose...
  15. D

    News: Scott Donald retires

    I still remember the absolute shocker he had against Penrith in his final year with us, couldn't catch the ball to save his life. I think Steppa was brought in as his permanent replacement for the rest of the season after that.
  16. D


    Hooker's not a bad gig for him actually, he's got a good pass on him and he went well with his support play tonight.
  17. D

    Des delivers the same side - again

    No wonder the official forums were shut down...
  18. D

    Fox commentators

    Andy Raymond would have to be one of my favourites. Knows and calls the game well and seems to like Manly a fair bit. On the other hand, Gould when he's on one of his agendas is insufferable, but he goes alright when he's not whinging or sucking off Hayne/Idris/whoever the new flavour of the...
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    More on Matai

    Rumour is Bailey is off to the Sharks so there's a chance we'll re-sign Matai on the money he frees up.
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    NSW Game 2 YART

    Hayne Morris Tahu Lyon Morris Barrett Kimmorley Weyman Ennis Snowden maybe? Watmough Lewis Gallen Gidley I spose Laffranchi Learoyd-Lahrs King

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 20 18 1 1 299 37
2 Storm 20 16 0 4 258 32
3 Eels 20 15 0 5 104 30
4 Roosters 20 14 0 6 230 28
5 Raiders 20 14 0 6 128 28
6 Rabbitohs 20 12 0 8 169 24
7 Knights 20 11 1 8 47 23
8 Sharks 20 10 0 10 0 20
9 Titans 20 9 0 11 -117 18
10 Warriors 20 8 0 12 -115 16
11 Tigers 20 7 0 13 -65 14
12 Dragons 20 7 0 13 -74 14
13 Sea Eagles 20 7 0 13 -134 14
14 Cowboys 20 5 0 15 -152 10
15 Bulldogs 20 3 0 17 -222 6
16 Broncos 20 3 0 17 -356 6
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