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  1. Turbo

    New 2017 Manly Jersey

    Great jersey!! It's starting to feel like a more professional club around here. Kelly has resigned. Jerseys look quality and classy. I feel like we are now building towards a better club.
  2. Turbo

    The hoops are back!

    I'm going to be buying one of those jerseys!! Awesome so keen for 2017.
  3. Turbo

    The hoops are back!

    We look like manly not like everyother team with a V. Classy jersey.
  4. Turbo

    Sterlo picks Tom turbo as dmax player of the year

    And rightfully so, he should fullback of the year IMO. He's got 10 tries, 11 try assists, 170 metres per game, 3000 plus metres all season, 20 linebreaks. It's amazing and he has done all this on 1 leg!! Special player and easily the best and most consistent fullback of the year, every game he...
  5. Turbo

    Release Parcell and Api and get a real hooker?

    Release the 2 most promising young hookers in the game? No hell no only if Ballin was coming home not Farah. In an ideal world Parcell to bench and Ballin back to 9. Won't happen so we should have Parcell at 9 and Koroisau as utility. There are 2 hookers in the game that control the ruck, Smith...
  6. Turbo

    Liam Knight

    Knight won't be the next JWH not until he fixes his discipline on and off the field, Hynes is nothing compared to Cleary comparing them to is like comparing JT to Hasson! Hynes is nothing special. Gutherson will be a rep player but not with the 6 on his back he ranks very low out of all the 5/8s...
  7. Turbo


    URM is only our home jersey sponsor
  8. Turbo

    Brett Stewart

    Snake needs to go he has been really poor in the last 2 years and has really had injuries catch up with him. Tom is a current superstar and is playing on one leg which imagine when he has 2! Tom needs to be fullback next year, if snake plays on we can't make the 8.
  9. Turbo

    The framework is there

    Their is for sure a good side building but we are missing some speedy try scoring backs to replace Skivvi in that centre spot and a winger. Also need a good rep quality backrower to put beside Buhrer and Marty in the backrow. 1: T Trbojevic 2: J Taufua 3: D Walker 4: S Matai 5: 6: B Green 7...
  10. Turbo

    Departing players announced.

    With all these players leaving I guess that means Lawrence Taufua Williame Godinet Have re signed And these signing will be announced Lane Green Cullen And I expect a lot more signing to come and quality ones not stop gap signings, quality players, our recruit for next year is going well need...
  11. Turbo

    Departing players announced.

    Hodges, Mateo and Leary are not loses we should be happy they are all gone.
  12. Turbo

    Pain for many years to come

    I understand you have a personal hate inside you for Koroisau but he has shown plenty of passion and has done some great things more than bad and was solid again tonight he will provide a prefect bench utility in 2017.
  13. Turbo

    Barrett and Fulton

    You'd be even more disappointed if you saw the 2017 FAART...
  14. Turbo


    1: T Trbojevic 2: J Taufua 3: D Walker 4: 5: 6: 7: D Cherry-Evans 8: J Trbojevic 9: M Parcell 10: D Lussick 11: M Taupau 12: 13: J Buhrer 14: A Koroisau 15: A Fonua-Blake 16: 17:
  15. Turbo

    Barrett and Fulton

    I know there have been comparisons between him and Hasler in the first year but 13th? Seriously! 13th with Tom Trbojevic, Jake Trbojevic, Daly Cherry-Evans, Martin Taupau, Jamie Buhrer, Matt Parcell, Dylan Walker and Darcy Lussick playing the majority of the season isn't good enough. Injuries...
  16. Turbo

    Ladder Predictor

    And if we had of had no injuries and a good draw we would have made the 8 easily.
  17. Turbo

    Nico hynes

    We must be signing some new younger players cause ATM we are going to struggle to field and NRL team or a NSW cup side.
  18. Turbo

    Billy Bainbridge

    Baz hinted at more than 1 debut from the 20s.
  19. Turbo

    Forwards depth

    Lawrence is staying.
  20. Turbo

    Brett Stewart to wing?

    He doesn't have the speed or tackling capabilities he once did. He is very slow now which is crucial for him,

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 20 18 1 1 299 37
2 Storm 20 16 0 4 258 32
3 Eels 20 15 0 5 104 30
4 Roosters 20 14 0 6 230 28
5 Raiders 20 14 0 6 128 28
6 Rabbitohs 20 12 0 8 169 24
7 Knights 20 11 1 8 47 23
8 Sharks 20 10 0 10 0 20
9 Titans 20 9 0 11 -117 18
10 Warriors 20 8 0 12 -115 16
11 Tigers 20 7 0 13 -65 14
12 Dragons 20 7 0 13 -74 14
13 Sea Eagles 20 7 0 13 -134 14
14 Cowboys 20 5 0 15 -152 10
15 Bulldogs 20 3 0 17 -222 6
16 Broncos 20 3 0 17 -356 6
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