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  1. The Eagle Has Landed

    Will we win another game this season?

    We can't attack, can't defend, can't hold the ball. Haven't scored a try from a kick all season. Can't kick goals. Parra will put 40 on us next week or more. This is going to be a long season. I can't see us beating anyone the way we play. Your thoughts?
  2. The Eagle Has Landed

    Parra's first Win of the Season

    Parra will kick off their season next week when they beat us at their home ground. After today's effort and from what I've seen this season so far we are just making up numbers and are a worst team than last year. We can't defend and defence wins games. Tom Turbo is a spoilt little brat who can...
  3. The Eagle Has Landed

    How come Wright wasn't goal kicking?

    Was he injured or something?
  4. The Eagle Has Landed

    Do we have another Goal Kicker?

    Yeah we won today but should of won sooner. Some of the missed goals from Walker are embarrassing really. Surely we have another goal kicker as we are gonna lose a lot of these tight games. DCE can kick goal can't he?
  5. The Eagle Has Landed

    Website lags

    Hey guys, this site is lags so badly that I can't be bothered reading and waiting for pages to refresh. :banghead: It does it constantly and is really annoying. Does anyone else have a problem with this or just me? My computer is on cable and is normally super quick. Any help would be greatly...
  6. The Eagle Has Landed

    This is our year.

    That we get the wooden spoon surely? I can't see this side beating any Team to be honest. Next week is going to be a one sided cricket score. One of the worse Manly Teams I have ever seen play, pretty embarrassing really.
  7. The Eagle Has Landed

    Injury's before the season has even started.

    The season hasn't started yet and we have some injury concerns in key positions. Jamie Lyon (knee) with Tom Symonds (elbow), Steve Matai (shoulder), Brenton Lawrence (knee) and Jamie Buhrer (knee) also in doubt for round one.
  8. The Eagle Has Landed

    Willie Mason apparent Anti-Social Behaviour

    Apparently Willie Mason allegedly was being anti-social at The Auckland nines on Sunday. Anyone hear anything or know of this. If so it's not a good start to his career at Manly. http://www.seaeagles.com.au/news/2015/02/01/statement_regarding_.html
  9. The Eagle Has Landed

    Manly V Dogs game replay?

    Does anyone know where I can watch Fridays game online as I was overseas in Thailand and didn't get to see it? Foxtel doesn't go back that far I've already looked.
  10. The Eagle Has Landed

    3, 2, 1 V Knights game

    Lucky to win that one was is deserved probably not. 3 DCE 2 Buhrer 1 Starling
  11. The Eagle Has Landed

    Sooo much negativity

    Reading all these posts is about he said she said he's going here and blah blah blah it's really depressing. Sad to see Gifty go but life goes on I will always support this Mighty team. C'mon guys lighten up we are coming 3rd and are looking good if The Dogs and Tigers get beaten this week we...
  12. The Eagle Has Landed

    Round 7 Team list V Cowboys

    1 Brett Stewart 2 Jorge Taufua 3 Jamie Lyon (c) 4 Steve Matai 5 Peta Hiku 6 Kieran Foran 7 Daly Cherry-Evans 8 Josh Starling 9 Matt Ballin 10 Brenton Lawrence 11 Anthony Watmough 12 Justin Horo 13 Glenn Stewart Interchange 14 James Hasson 15 Dunamis Lui 16 Jamie Buhrer 17...
  13. The Eagle Has Landed

    Does Manly have the slowest wingers in the comp?

    Must say Great win tonight by the boys. But if Wolfie was quick the nail would of been in the coffin alot earlier. Blair's a big lad but lacks speed also, and Horhay is a power runner.
  14. The Eagle Has Landed

    Anyone heard how bad The Snake is Injured?

    Is it just a strain and he'll be right to play Friday or is he going to be out for a while? He is the heart and soul of this side and without him playing we look lost in defence and attack.
  15. The Eagle Has Landed

    Can you watch NRL games Live on PC?

    I was wondering if there is a way and if anyone knows of a site where I can watch Saturday's Season opener with the Scum on PC LIVE. My Foxtel isn't getting installed until Monday Damnit!! :(
  16. The Eagle Has Landed

    The Cherry is ripe

    What an awesome gutsy, courageous effort by the boys tonight just sensational. What can I say about DCE the guy is an absolute freak he was a menace for the Sharks he was in everything. Manly has to hold onto this guy he is the best halfback in the game. Give him the Captaincy give him...
  17. The Eagle Has Landed

    Unwanted Horo starring for Manly

    Unwanted by NRL wooden-spooners Parramatta, Justin Horo was preparing to spend 2013 playing park football in France and back-packing around Europe. Instead, he's gearing up for his first ever finals appearance as an integral member of Manly's high-quality back-row. It's a career rebirth...
  18. The Eagle Has Landed

    The sun shines out of Ben Barba's Arse

    Well according to the channel nine media it does. I am so sick of hearing about Ben Barba. And comments like "when Ben is smiling he is great headspace and lookout to the opposition" Who really gives a toss I can't stand the guy and is one of my most disliked players ever. Ben Barba Blah Blah...
  19. The Eagle Has Landed

    It's official we suck at Cricket

    Just woke up to Australia copping a massive hiding at Lords. The Poms are 566 runs ahead and with more batting likely before a declaration. Our batters have let us down again just like they did at Trentbridge. At least our Mighty Sea Eagles give me something to cheer about.
  20. The Eagle Has Landed

    The Army Of One

    Choc was outstanding for the Blues tonight he really lifted the side. Made the most metres 127m and just totally killed it. MOM for NSW. Unlucky for the Blues will we ever win a series again? PS Pearce has to go he brings nothing and folds like a cheap pocket knife.

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 20 18 1 1 299 37
2 Storm 20 16 0 4 258 32
3 Eels 20 15 0 5 104 30
4 Roosters 20 14 0 6 230 28
5 Raiders 20 14 0 6 128 28
6 Rabbitohs 20 12 0 8 169 24
7 Knights 20 11 1 8 47 23
8 Sharks 20 10 0 10 0 20
9 Titans 20 9 0 11 -117 18
10 Warriors 20 8 0 12 -115 16
11 Tigers 20 7 0 13 -65 14
12 Dragons 20 7 0 13 -74 14
13 Sea Eagles 20 7 0 13 -134 14
14 Cowboys 20 5 0 15 -152 10
15 Bulldogs 20 3 0 17 -222 6
16 Broncos 20 3 0 17 -356 6
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