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  1. ricardo

    Waddell to Doggies

    https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/nrl-2020-josh-papalii-contract-canberra-raiders-lifetime-deal-ricky-stuart/news-story/6a1a781b01352a94a4c2dfda444827b2?fbclid=IwAR3BI6cZC-iPz7B5PLA00KRY_GMGHKxH4QB_vqLG3UuCmWYdDB64GgjJodE In expected move. I wish him all the best. Des Please...
  2. ricardo

    2020 season

  3. ricardo

    Boyd's head

    So Boyd Cordner went off for an HIA for the third time this season ..... tribute was held in honour of his cousin who died at a footy match from a head injury ...... how long does he go on??
  4. ricardo

    Addin! Get well soon!!! Sort of!!!!!

    I heard he will be out for possibly only a week but I kinda hope Addin takes a couple of weeks off and does NOT come back before our finals run. If for some crazy reason we don't make the finals i hope he really really gets his legs right as we will need him 100% for our tilt at the...
  5. ricardo

    Sea Eagles beat Tigers in thriller!!!

    https://www.nambuccaguardian.com.au/story/6904289/top-dogs-battle-it-out-in-a-weekend-nailbiter/?fbclid=IwAR0C6rBTAAui3ZJGsK5cmseVQj2Qryv0glaTfdRStPmcSy4UsSNLlwbzTDA In a clear sign of things to come, a top of the table clash between the Macksville Sea Eagles and the Wingham Tigers. Result: Sea...
  6. ricardo

    Pick two

    Outside backs off contract at the end of 2020:
  7. ricardo

    The run home

    We have the Tigers, Bulldogs, Titans and Warriors in the run home. What's your advice to Des? Throw in the kids? Build for 2021? Play Tom? Assume this season is gooone ...
  8. ricardo

    Bring Seibold back home!!!

    With the bongos set to sack the poor bloke I say we bring him home to Manly!!! Under Dessie's wing this fledgling eagle could really soar. Sure he has had a few setbacks (current issues I place at the feet the white ants of Brisbane) ... but with Cartwright set to hitch his wagon to Zoolander...
  9. ricardo

    YOUR team for next week please?

    So I've seen plenty of opinions on who shouldn't be picked ... can posters please let me know who you DO want (full 1-17 please)?? Unavailable for selection: Dylan Walker (foot, TBC) Brad Parker (head knock, round 14) Curtis Sironen (knee, TBC) Tom Trbojevic (hamstring, round 15-17) Albert...
  10. ricardo

    Queensland teams cut from comp for the rest of the year

    I have read that due to the Palaczuk government closing the borders, V'Landis is strongly considering just cutting the Qld teams out of the comp for the rest of the year?!! I guess they won't really be missed and can pretty much be considered a bye Any way...
  11. ricardo

    Quick player ratings

    Just how I saw it: Elliott 7.5/10 Solid and in position. Great game. Taufua 7.5/10 Some strong runs Parker 6.5/10 Not much wrong Suli 8/10 Great running, threatening Garrick 6/10 Didn't go missing. Kicked his goals Cust 9.5/10 Near perfect game at 6 DCE 8/10 Finally has a halves partner...
  12. ricardo

    New Indigenous Jersey: Pretty Good!!

    https://www.seaeagles.com.au/news/2020/07/13/sea-eagles-unveil-2020-indigenous-jersey/ I quite like this one. Plenty of character :) I just got the email and thought I'd share
  13. ricardo

    Who wore it better?

    Who wore Latrine's forearm better?
  14. ricardo

    Snipers on Spit & Roseville bridges?

    https://www.smh.com.au/sport/rugby-union/secure-your-ticket-rebels-invite-victorian-fans-to-brookvale-20200705-p5595k.html So it looks like there's a rugby game on at Brooky and the Melbourne side are inviting their pox ridden fans to journey North. This has got to be the height of stupidity...
  15. ricardo

    Some stats ...

    Addin is a hit up battering ram and Jake is the tackle machine. Love it. Also note how much work Joel and Siro get through each match. This team is solid.
  16. ricardo

    Poor Hex!

    After a stint in Europe he's back with the Dragoons and it's not helping his win rate! .... hope he can get a win soon. Dragons 0 from 4 and yet to run in a post covid try. C'mon Hex!!!
  17. ricardo

    Support Marty support Samoa NOW

    https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/12/02/taupaus-call-to-arms-to-help-samoa-amid-measles-epidemic/ Can everyone please drop what they're doing and drop a bag of hope and joy for Samoans in this tough time : Gift drop-off locations BELMORE: Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs - Edison Lane, Belmore NSW...
  18. ricardo

    Favourite footy tour songs?

    In light of the recent sing song at St Kevin's I was reminiscing about the old days where we used to sing the crappy songs our coaches taught us. I'm talking ancient crap ... Plus Kevin Bloody Wilson of course ... I know we should all be outraged vegan lesbians but it's not for me. My personal...
  19. ricardo

    Happily, Manly sign Turbo brothers!!!

    Along with Papalii, Munster, Ponga and Wighton: Roosters Bolster Squad With Trbojevic Brothers, Munster, Papalli, Wighton And Ponga Signings
  20. ricardo

    NRL has to give away semi finals tickets to Rosters V Storm

    https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/teams/roosters/nrl-offer-freebies-to-roostersstorm-nrl-finals-clash/news-story/28ebf06ad4eca5770d32cadf4a8df5e9?fbclid=IwAR25Gcy95pRGPUVdFY4fmraMMBlGimvClrWreeXlPi8MQRusk_0kKfBcng0 NRL offer freebies to Roosters-Storm NRL finals clash DEAN RITCHIE...

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 18 16 1 1 237 33
2 Storm 18 15 0 3 238 30
3 Roosters 18 13 0 5 266 26
4 Eels 18 13 0 5 86 26
5 Raiders 18 12 0 6 106 24
6 Rabbitohs 19 11 0 8 117 22
7 Knights 18 10 1 7 53 21
8 Sharks 18 10 0 8 26 20
9 Tigers 18 7 0 11 -33 14
10 Sea Eagles 18 7 0 11 -104 14
11 Warriors 18 7 0 11 -115 14
12 Titans 18 7 0 11 -165 14
13 Dragons 18 6 0 12 -58 12
14 Cowboys 18 4 0 14 -148 8
15 Bulldogs 19 3 0 16 -180 6
16 Broncos 18 3 0 15 -326 6
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