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  1. conanu

    The 2020 Asterisk Comp

    Was thinking about how 2 of the Warriors best players were guys that are on loan from Penrith and Parra. This wouldn't happen in a normal year. The integrity of the comp this year is shot to pieces. I cannot recall a more dodgy year when it come to rule changes and just basic inequality of the...
  2. conanu

    Sooking is costing us

    I have started to notice a lot of our players stopping getting up slowly, looking at the ref and sooking after being held down and wrestled in tackles whilst we are on the attack. It does absolutely nothing but slow down our tempo and gift the opposition that extra few seconds to reset. They may...
  3. conanu

    2020 JERSEY PIC

    I have decided I like it, I like the away one also. Still prefer the hoops though.
  4. conanu

    Seibold Looking For Sympathy

    Looks like Seibold has used his Mum to get his players to stick up for him this week. I have a bad feeling about today, gee I hope I am wrong. Anthony Seibold insists he played no part in Souths’ decision to part ways with Michael Maguire MAY 09, 2019 Anthony Seibold has been in the crosshairs...
  5. conanu

    Childish Manly & Bad Guy Bennett

    Only ENN and ARR separate the surnames of Bennett & Barrett and the similarities don't end there. Both are now unwanted by their current club, both are looking to squeeze their current employer by hanging around when they are not wanted and both are trying to double dip by being paid out from...
  6. conanu

    Who called it first?

    I was just thinking with all of the posts leading up to this. Which poster actually predicted or called it first.
  7. conanu

    Penn deserves some credit.

    I have to say the Penns do deserve a little bit of credit for putting their ego's aside for the good of the club. It would have been very hard for them (considering how bloody minded they have been with other decisions) to bury the hatchet with Des. This is a sign that they are prepared to do...
  8. conanu

    New Assistant Coaches

    If Cartwright gets the job as 1st grade coach then that leaves a space for an assistant. As I stated before I would love to see the club approach one of our former champions from the last few years who knows what our culture was and can help bring it back.I reckon Cartwright should go to these...
  9. conanu

    Out of the Conversation

    Just finished watching the Matty Johns show and was amazed at how the great Manly side of the mid to late 90's did not even rate a single mention even though every big game that they mentioned from that period involved Manly. It was like they took pleasure in all the matches we lost. And then I...
  10. conanu

    2nd tier players

    I think our biggest problem is we just dont have any high quality second tier players. Our stars are all very good and I honestly believe could win a premiership with our stars and that includes DCE. But our chorus-line is atrocious. DCE cops a lot of crap but he cannot make a silk purse out of...
  11. conanu

    [Resurrected] Darkest Era in Rugby League

    I hate to say it but I am quickly losing interest in Rugby League. I actually cannot stand the current status quo & love fests that are going on in the media. Non stop Melbourne loving, Mitchell Pearce is now a hero, QLD have won more Origins than I want to remember coupled with the fact that we...
  12. conanu

    Sea Eagles Friends in Low Places

    So we now have the following influential people to count as our supporters and yet not a pot to piss in or a friendly hand from the NRL. Gladys Berajigglian - State Premier John Barilaro - Deputy State Premier Patrick Delany - CEO of Foxtel Jason King - GM Elite Competitions for the NRL Robbo...
  13. conanu

    Tim Cleary observation

    I was at the Canberra game last week and noticed that Tim Cleary was standing at the entry gates greeting and thanking Manly fans for making the trip to Canberra. I said hello and he thanked me and my friend for making the trip not realising we were from Canberra. He then asked if we were sorted...
  14. conanu

    No more Ex Manly coaches left.

    Some people and I have been one of them are happy to shift Barrett on and I hear a lot of people saying, we need an ex manly player as a coach. I was saying it myself right up until Des and Cleary signed new contracts, but I see a problem with that now is that we are fast running out of ex Manly...
  15. conanu

    Media Friends or Foes

    It is very obvious that certain people in our club have very close ties to certain Journalists and media personalities. Lots of Bozo's media friends went into bat for him over the last couple of days. as was evident when Danny Weirdler mentioned it in an interview last week. Asked to dissect...
  16. conanu

    Saddest Picture

    I saw this pic posted by a Souths fan on Twitter and I was so gutted and saddened by what I saw. Then I was annoyed at our fans for doing it, it is a disgrace and should be condemned. However I feel this is the reaction from fans who are sick of the rhetoric and excuses and are sick of being...
  17. conanu


    Lucky we aren't the ones considering this, although he helped us avoid the spoon back in the day.http://www.canberratimes.com.au/rugby-union/brumbies/act-brumbies-consider-offering-43yearold-andrew-walker-fulltime-comeback-deal-20170213-gubtm6.html
  18. conanu

    Slater Vs Stewart

    I just found it funny how everyone involved at Storm and the Media are hoping Billy Slater can return to form after a long injury layoff even with Munster waiting in the wings. As for poor old Snake the media and some Manly fans are almost hoping Snake will fail and give it away because he is...
  19. conanu

    Both Premier and Deputy Premier are Manly fans.

    John Barilaro the new deputy premier is also a huge Manly fan. From Canberra Times: "John Barilaro's older brother, Tony Barilaro, talks about his brother's upbringing to where he is today, becoming the ... John Barilaro's older brother, Tony Barilaro, talks about his brother's upbringing to...
  20. conanu

    Poor Match Fitness

    Anyone else think that we never looked fit and firing at any stage this season. We really struggled most of the time with staying in games when it got faster. And tonight after a full season Addin Fonua Blake was gassed after 6 mins tonight wandering back into position with his back to the play...

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 18 16 1 1 237 33
2 Storm 18 15 0 3 238 30
3 Roosters 18 13 0 5 266 26
4 Eels 18 13 0 5 86 26
5 Raiders 18 12 0 6 106 24
6 Rabbitohs 19 11 0 8 117 22
7 Knights 18 10 1 7 53 21
8 Sharks 18 10 0 8 26 20
9 Tigers 18 7 0 11 -33 14
10 Sea Eagles 18 7 0 11 -104 14
11 Warriors 18 7 0 11 -115 14
12 Titans 18 7 0 11 -165 14
13 Dragons 18 6 0 12 -58 12
14 Cowboys 18 4 0 14 -148 8
15 Bulldogs 19 3 0 16 -180 6
16 Broncos 18 3 0 15 -326 6
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