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    Crocker's monumental moment... apparently

    Crocker's monumental moment... apparently ok Crocker is just Crocker, not condoning what he did but i certainly wasnt shocked by it, Should have been a penalty, the Ref stuyffed up, ill also move on from that. What i wont move on from is the FACT that our bloody soft forward pack, didnt...
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    Good company, **** game

    yep, great to catch up, albiet briefly, shame about the result.
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    Oh the agony!

    Thats just Crazy!!!! about mid way through last year my friend planned a wedding for this weekend, I said I wont be there as Manly will make next years Grand Final, she laughed, but she saw i was serious! ( and knows me well enough that i would no show at her wedding lol ) so back then she...
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    Phil Gould's plan for Manly

    Phil Gould's plan for Manly Israel v Matai could be interesting, or we may slide Killer out to the left to mark him like we did with SBW ?
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    59 hours......

    yep, its friday, ill be a passenger at the office today, have been reasonably calm over the week, but just reading that article on the Ox has fired me up! As for all those sydneysides who feel the need to support Manly as they are the Sydney team, "F" Off back to your own club, we have been...
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    Spiro Zavos on silvertails

    the other great irony the Masters family lioved in thge Manly area at the time and Roys Brother/father, cant recall exactly where even teachers in local schools!
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    ExtraTime last night, Fun and Games!

    jeeesh something else to blame Johnny Howard about! the labour voters in here will go nuts!
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    George Rose will be in the Studio for this weeks ExtraTime !!

    hey, Refs have feelings too!!! ;)
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    Souths have won the 1st battle

    i went to the away game at Telstra and those Drums where the low point of the night, irrespective of what team you supported . So damm annoying and gave me a headache and i was in a nosebleed corp box! I suggest we give them a Parramatta / Jamie Lyon type welcome everytime they enter the...
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    John "Immortal"?

    John "Immortal"? Because Andrew Johns signed a contract saying the NRL has a right , its as simple as that. ( im not saying weather thats right or wrong but just staing the fact ) People forget and ask why the NRL has a right to do what they do, thats because players sign an NRL contract...
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    did i just hear that Joey has come out and said he has been battling drugs for 12 years ???

    ryno he has just admitted to a 10 year drug and alcahol problem, not quite the one off your alluding two. not an issue on its own but when you couple this with his NRL contract and admission to taking drugs during the season and avoidong testing, PLUS the fact that his Club knew about the...
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    did i just hear that Joey has come out and said he has been battling drugs for 12 years ???

    Duff, your crazy, Joey is saying he has had problems, not Gus. If anyone would defend Joey, Its Gus. they are very tight. get your facts rights.
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    did i just hear that Joey has come out and said he has been battling drugs for 12 years ???

    watching on the Knights Publicity Show at the moment, its like watching a Train wreck. Still looks off his face!
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    did i just hear that Joey has come out and said he has been battling drugs for 12 years ???

    i think it was on a Ch #9 commercial Tell us something we didnt know!!
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    [moved] Surprise, surprise!

    Duff, this hole your digging yourself, can it get any bigger ???
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    [moved] Religion comes first for Folau

    mayby he can have chat to Joey Johns, he is such a role model! some divine leadership!
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    Stirring up the Rah Rahs!!!

    what ods, the Joey Johns Feel good whow tonight! Chief will be on his Knees doing his usual from the opening credits. If he starts to carry on ill ring Ch 9 and get stuck in!
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    [moved] Surprise, surprise!

    Yeah Great Idea Duff!!! why dont you get behind the wheel of a car while your at it, or go chat with the parents of a kid who died after buying an impure Tab from some dodgy lowlife at the pub, yeah Legalize it. Genius. Mate your a F*&^%$g Embarressment. Byso while you may under estimate...
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    Stirring up the Rah Rahs!!!

    http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,22333116-5001023,00.html Just because I mentioned that Joey would fit in nicely at Union they suggest i should head back to the west and leave the Beaches to the very Nice Union Folk !!! ( note Gary of Brookie in the comments- he looks like...
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    Sucked in slime

    yep bring on Parra at Brookie i say, will enjoy seeing the final nail in there 2007 coffin!
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