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  1. fLIP

    NRL to control Lottoland for finals

    You cant watch every bastard at the footy, if someone is going to get over the fence and do something stupid they will. Ill remind Todd Dip**** of this, at one of world sports most guarded events.
  2. fLIP

    Is Dce playing injured

    I just got off the phone with Chez. Reckons hes just playing whats in front of him and taking it one game at a time. Hes not averse to running at all.
  3. fLIP

    Taupau on the move ??

    I bet that wanker Barret was shopping Tapou around to free up money and keep Lewis Brown. That bloke had the coaching skills of Mia Kahlifa's butt plug. I hope hes at home on his outdoor furniture having a bbq watching us blow his win record away in 1 season.
  4. fLIP

    NRL club on the chopping block for second Brisbane team

    Id like to relocate Todd's head from up his arse to above his shoulders. ****ing muppet.
  5. fLIP

    Fan arrested, released without charge

    I know I come across as a smart arse earlier, however, I saw that footage live amd it looked like a fan taking a photo, probbaly mouthing off and Will Chambers over reacting to what was said. It wouldnt surprise me in the least if the fan said something tender and will threw the punch. Cant...
  6. fLIP

    PRE-GAME DISCUSSION: Parramatta v Manly [Round 25, 2019]

    Tell anyone pre season that's a top 4 side they'd laugh at you. But i'd give them a chance against anyone but storm/roosters. And I reckon we'll see more about the wages in the years coming for the former.
  7. fLIP

    Thank you turbo

    Anyone close to 7 foot in our game who isnt a forward has the cards stacked against them. I dont want to be negative but its going to be a career thing for Tom. He doesnt have the bulk of a forward but playes close to one at times.
  8. fLIP

    Fan arrested, released without charge

    Not with the fingers either I can assure you. They brought John in....
  9. fLIP

    Thank you turbo

    Yeah Rip turbo, but hes gonna be off handing all off season.
  10. fLIP

    Game Day: Manly v Storm [Round 24, 2019]

    Walters would claim his own child is Smith's thanks to a play Cameron had nothing to do with.
  11. fLIP

    Fan arrested, released without charge

    Ive got to be honest, it looked like I was just trying to take a photo.
  12. fLIP

    AFB should grow up for childish act!!

    Nobody is going to take a rougue fan into calculation about finals footy. We were never getting any.
  13. fLIP

    I can live with the loss

    We were never going to win tonight. We are a 10-8 team over achieving and the injuries are showing.
  14. fLIP

    Fan arrested, released without charge

    Dont stress peeps, ive just been released. Will is as big a bitch as you all thought.
  15. fLIP

    Dylan finally free...

    There's plenty of reasons to hit a woman, you just dont do it!
  16. fLIP

    James Tedesco Contract

    1. His old manager will get the blame 2. Roosters will get off. 3. Decoy will be us rubbed out of the finals for Lane snorting the nose beers
  17. fLIP

    Game Day: Manly v Rabbids [Round 4, 2019]

    Atkins dad played for parra he hates us. Knock on
  18. fLIP

    Fainu to start.

    Fainu > Korisau
  19. fLIP

    1042 Vs 2324

    We need The Gazelle.
  20. fLIP

    Manly's survival

    I detest the man's opinions on most things but on this issue he's right. Sydney has way too many clubs and everywhere else in the country doesn't have enough. Doesn't matter how you go about it someone is going to get the raw end of the deal on this issue but it needs to be done. And on a...
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