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    Old Boys Get Together - Silvertails

    Hi Ryan, I would love to attend but work commitments will not allow, now that I am in the country. I am in Sydney for Saturday - a wedding and a big birthday for a friend but there is no way I can do it. Have a great time all. The Silvertail years have been great, though I don't post much these...
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    Attn: DSM5

    DSM5 is probably quite depressed at the state of us all at the moment!! :)
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    Bob Stevenson Resigns from MWRLFC

    Interested to know the full story. Vidmar and now this???
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    Will Parra Have to Hand Back all their Trophies Like Melbourne Did?

    No ...... wait ........ oops???? :)
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    rochow to manly

    With Parra having to shed a star or two, Corey Norman would be a good replacement for Killer, allowing Walker to move to the centres.
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    the big green spot

    Moondog - you should know better than to go quoting Shakespeare on a Footy site!!! (Waste of effort) :)
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    Tip of the iceberg

    I am in. This year I am determined not to lose the comp by forgetting to tip!!! :)
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    Club For Sale

    I don't think Toovey is to blame either. He was caught in the crossfire. He leaves with his dignity intact and remains as a club legend. Here is hoping a fresh start bodes for good times ahead. Bozo is right in there and he is Manly through and through - the most competitive person I ever met!!
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    Club For Sale

    I love Tooves but anyone who has watched the situation over the last 5 years would have to say that we are a club in decline - our roster has had less puff each year since 2011. The board has been a mess and the ownership regime under Quantam and Max (with Penns) was not as rosy as some suggest...
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    Golden Eagles call on fans to march

    From seaeagles.com.au http://www.seaeagles.com.au/news/2015/08/11/golden_eagles_call_o.html The Golden Eagles, the Club’s official former player group, is calling on Manly Members and supporters to march with them to Brookvale Oval on Sunday 23 August. The Club has decided to establish an...
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    Raiders lose 2 players for Manly game

    If the League are fair-dinkum with the punching rules there will be a few more out as well. (Consistency is unlikely but a few others should go for a week!)
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    I would like to see ...

    I think our brand is strong enough and the fans love of the Sea Eagles is deep enough that we can bounce back from this. If 17 players and a coaching staff show the same passion for maroon and white and are prepared to bleed for us all, the fans will come around. If results go downhill or this...
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    I would like to see ...

    Tooves has commented on his termination with dignity, exemplifying the sort of character he is. Now that this saga is all but run, can we have peace going forward? It is okay for the Football Club to send a dissenting letter to members, disassociating itself with the Toovey decision. Once the...
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    Toovey as a Coach

    Great article from the roar from Terry Z. The bit that I don't get is the supposed animosity that has flowed from the Gifty non-signing. It is hard to understand that this has had such an impact that has split the club. We were a team in decline as an older squad was past its best. I know the...
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    The bit I don't get about Zorba the leak is much of the stuff being spread is detrimental to the Penns. Zorba wouldn't be that stupid would he? Some of us are dismayed by the decision and others about the process. My argument is that this is not much different to what happens behind closed...
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    Toovey as a Coach

    No-one has loved Geoff Toovey more as a player than me. I was there when he made his debut on a winter night in 88 against the Poms. His guts, determination and drive were one of the best things about the club and he has certainly brought this to his role as a coach. That he took on the role in...
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    A few of us need to settle down and realise that we are being played by the media: A lot of stuff printed has been guesswork, designed to sell papers. The "Jamie Lyon is being sacked" story is a perfect example. Another example is that 14 players who have been given permission to look elsewhere...
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    Sack Peter Peters

    Sadly the instability at Manly goes way beyond Zorba. The anti-Penn brigade blames the Penns and all associated but this undermining has been going on for years, only masked by success on the field. If only it was a simple as some make out!!!! There was just as much dissent in the time of Des...
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    Shaun Kenny-Dowell AVO

    It is outrageous that he is not being stood down.
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