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    Melbourne Cup

    I backed Dunedan for a massive $10 but I had to let everyone know that Silvertails favourite horse Ironstein is currently sitting in 31st in the order of entry. I'm not sure if it's racing this weekend but it needs a lot of dropouts, a weight penalty (a big one) or an exemption to make it...
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    Can't see a thread on him do here goes.I thought he was outstanding today. The way he pushed off players and that magic offload he's got, and the way he controlled the play is something I haven't seen for years. I was worried he was going too sideways and not give the ball to a big unit to...
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    Stewart Foran combination

    Well it fell apart a couple of times tonight, I thought Brett should have held on once but there you go. The banana kick was magic and a couple more months together they will be great. I thought it was a great learning experience for Foran, I don't know that he coped well with the pressure tonight.
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    Tony Williams DUI

    Just when he was going so well this year, **** it. http://sportal.com.au/league-news-display/williams-in-trouble-89357
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    News: Gallen accused of racial slur

    <strong style="display: block">CRONULLA captain Paul Gallen landed himself and his club in an ugly racism row last night after an altercation with St George Illawarra prop Mickey Paea.</strong> <a href="http://www.silvertails.net/news/3908-gallen-accused-of-racial-slur.html">Read the full...
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    Gallen accused of racial slur

    If you have ever been to a game at Brookvale and known the joy of the atmosphere on the hill, heard the songs and chants that are put up by the faithful on the hill and wanted to join in, but never known the words, then this page is exactly what you are looking for. We aim to gather all the...
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    Brett Finch

    Off contract at the end of the year, should we try and get him? I know he's a bit inconsistent but he directs the team well and is quite creative. And it's not like we don't need another half. Still relatively young so would he be a good purchase?
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    Our Staring Team?

    Was this it? Stewart Robbo Bell Halden Hicks Lyon Orford King Monnas Kite Stewart Watmough Willo Was That it? That's one of the weirdest selectiong I've seen. WTF would Haldenbe in the centres and Ballin on the bench? Can't Des wait till Mattai is fit to fark around with...
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    Mick Vivers

    Just wondering about the guy as he is apparently my cousin in law. Did he have a son who played in the 80's and who did his son play for? I didn't even realise he played for Manly or Australia! Pictures would be good.
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    Team vs. Melbourne

    SEA EAGLES NRL TEAM: Brett Stewart, Michael Robertson, Steve Bell, Steve Matai, Chris Hicks, Travis Burns, Matt Orford ©, Jason King, Michael Monaghan, Brent Kite, Steve Menzies, Anthony Watmough, Luke Williamson Interchange: Shayne Dunley, Kylie Leuluai, Mark Bryant, George Rose...
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    Hi, finally got around to registering on here. I'm using the nics cosmo on MSE and Onan the Barabarian on LU just in case anyones got any vendettas against me ;)

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 14 12 1 1 156 25
2 Storm 14 12 0 2 206 24
3 Eels 14 11 0 3 122 22
4 Roosters 14 9 0 5 156 18
5 Raiders 13 8 0 5 27 16
6 Knights 13 7 1 5 71 15
7 Rabbitohs 13 7 0 6 52 14
8 Sharks 13 7 0 6 44 14
9 Sea Eagles 13 6 0 7 -48 12
10 Tigers 13 5 0 8 12 10
11 Dragons 14 5 0 9 -28 10
12 Warriors 14 5 0 9 -137 10
13 Titans 13 4 0 9 -153 8
14 Cowboys 13 3 0 10 -104 6
15 Broncos 13 3 0 10 -223 6
16 Bulldogs 13 2 0 11 -153 4
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