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    Choc Update and more

    Choc is off his game as his relationsip with the Gold Coast metre maid is on the rocks.  He is back on the cans and chasing some skirt from Menai. Dessy H wants it sorted but Choc thinks he is a cross between Brad Pitt and John Holmes. Dont beleive me then ask the fat greek on his radio...
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    Latest News

    Just got word from soem fairfax journos that we r close to signing Sicka Manu from Strom after cap audit is handed down. Great news as we need  power 2 replace Teddy,it will also shut up fools on here that bag Lowe & Dessy H. Possibly also that a Pnthers outside back will come over as well -...
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    Both Stewarts out!

    the club r desparate to keep this quiet but the news will break later this afternoon. glen stewart did a lot more damage to his ankle last weekend and is no hope of playing. he did well to cover it at the breakfast but he cant run and even needles wont get him on the field. brett stewart...
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    I want 2 make it clear that my info on Nathan Brown is still being chased up, however he has had a blow up with senior players again, this time trent barratt cannot b blamed. This rumour is hot, expect more news soon hwoever Doust is trying 2 talk him out of it. They have noone to replace him...
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    Becoz I know U have been waiting

    The general consensus in the news room is that this is an incredibly quiet first week of July for Rugby League. This is 4 a number of reasons 1. With antitampering going clubs were a lot more open doing deals before June 30 2. What is left on the market is genuinly 4 sale and they are now...
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    U Fools R Joking!!!

    The biggest joke in rl atm should b on the biggest loser on ch 10. Jamie Lyon wont b coming 2 Manly & this is due 2 certain mangement type unable 2 understand that football is a professional business these days. Lyon will b at the Titans or Parra, he wont stay in the UK. U woudl think the...
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    Hasler days numbered

    Their was a few whispers in the newsroom on Sunday morn about Halser's future. Ken Arthuson is not only dissapointed with the teams game plan but also the fact the club flys him down 2 Sydney each week in Jetstar cattle class. I told u last year Mal Reilly will be the next coach. He is moving...
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    A new season and HUGE news!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I haven't been around for a while, was seconded to Canberra by Fairfax to cover the AWB bribes scandel. The big story in the newsroom we have been sitting on a few weeks but broke last night is Darren Lockyer wants to come to Sydney and he is eyeing a move 2 Manly 2 solve the 5/8...
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    Money woes

    It is true that Manly has problems with cash. They needed to develop the car park site. it is approved but no-one wants to do the development (no one picked up the tender) so it won’t be happening. The club premises are run down and no-one goes there because the food and...
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    Sherlock wrap

    A few things u should all know: 1. The club is selling season tickets early as they have cash problems and they need to get cash in 2 make final payments on player contracts 4 this year. 2. Monaghan will not be playing 4 Manly next year. Souths or England. 3. Rumour still strong that...
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    Mad Monday - from the newsroom

    A few amazing things emerging from Manly's Mad Monday which is still going: 1. Monaghan and Hasler r inseperible and seem 2 have kissed and made up. So don't think that Monaghan will b leaving. 2. Kennedy and watmough nearly came 2 blows again. Seems BK gave watmough a peice of his...
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    Mark my words.........

    Hasler has given up coz he knows his days are numbered. Moves are afoot to have him replaced in the off season and Malcolm Reilley is still the hot tip 2 take his spot. This has been leaked 2 the newsroom by a VERY PROMINENT former player. It is on the money.
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    Hasler days numbered

    The news room is abuzz with news that yesterday was the last straw 4 Halser. The club has stuck by him 4 a long time but this cant continue after another record loss. He will see out the year but the rumour is that other coaches are already being sounded out. the biggest name is Malcolm...
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    [censored] you all

    I would just like 2 make a few things clear. 1/ I don’t have 2 explain myself 2 any of u idiots, in particular pricks like DicHeaD matt, ClonTuggo and Matabele. 2/ If u illiterate in breds could read a newspaper you would realise that Mimis was telling everyone in the media...
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    Oroford goooooooooooone

    2 be announced 2morrow or Wednesday that Orford will stay in Melbourne. I told U boys a week ago that he wouldn't come to Manly and all U could do was put **** on me. Well U could have saved Urselves a week of pain if U had. Sucked in.
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    Sherlock news

    The club were hoping 2 announce the signing of Matt Orford at 2days BBQ for the fans. It will not happen tho so dont get u're hopes up. Orford is still more likely to take 1 year with Melbourne or the English SL and talk terms with the GC for next year. Also he thinks Souths will take...
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    Orofrd goooooooooooone?

    Some snippets of news from our newsroom: Orford is worried about Monaghan and the tension that will come if he goes 2 Manly. He doesn't want 2 go 2 Souths as they are 2 weak. Over the weekend the Gold Coast made a HUGE offer for 2007. Orford is now considering 1 year or more in...
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    Tips 4 a big week

    Manly will give Orford and Steve Bell a huge offer. It will have 2 B bigger than originally intended after someone got drunk last Friday night and blabbed the deal to the media and tipped everyone off. We have also spoken 2 Anastas manager in case we don't get Orford. If we don't get Anasta...
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    you boys and girls give me no credit but where their is smoke there is fire. Anasta is not just talking 2 souths and my mail is that manly have already been in touch with his manager 2 talk about a 4 yr contract. the club have been flying under the radar on this one but we are hearing it...
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    Silly Season

    I have been reading all your nasty jibes and your lack of gratitood 4 what I can tell you. But the name of this thread is not devoted to slack pricks like Wheel and Mateable. I'm talking about the signing period that is just around the corner. Here is what the gossip around Fairfax is...

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1 Panthers 14 12 1 1 156 25
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3 Eels 14 11 0 3 122 22
4 Roosters 14 9 0 5 156 18
5 Raiders 13 8 0 5 27 16
6 Knights 13 7 1 5 71 15
7 Rabbitohs 13 7 0 6 52 14
8 Sharks 13 7 0 6 44 14
9 Sea Eagles 13 6 0 7 -48 12
10 Tigers 13 5 0 8 12 10
11 Dragons 14 5 0 9 -28 10
12 Warriors 14 5 0 9 -137 10
13 Titans 13 4 0 9 -153 8
14 Cowboys 13 3 0 10 -104 6
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