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  1. CBreeagles

    Something I Have Noticed Recently

    With how good the team is currently going, I've noticed on social media and even talking to some rugby league fans that we are no longer irrationally hated amongst the rugby league community. I understand the hatred started back in the day but the 2000's era team was also hated severely...
  2. CBreeagles

    Walker has a Message for Everyone

  3. CBreeagles


    Brian Kelly you superstar! Couldn't be more proud of the boys.
  4. CBreeagles

    I Hate Spreading Rumours But...

    My mate (chook's fan) linked me this thread on the Rooster's forum; http://www.thechookpen.com.au/vb5/forum/the-chookpen-general-discussion/sydney-roosters-discussion/681741-trent-barrett "Speaking of coaches being sacked.... Heard a strong rumour the other day that Barrett went on a bender...
  5. CBreeagles

    Brian Kelly

    This kid has the goods. Great successor for Skivvie's jersey. Finding low priced unknowns which shine are my favourite type of signing. He's deceptively strong as well with forwards ricocheting off him on numerous hit-ups.
  6. CBreeagles

    Jackson Hastings

    Signed for 2 years. Good depth
  7. CBreeagles

    [Resurrected] Lol @ Dogs

    Apparently they have breached the cap.
  8. CBreeagles

    Taupau Extends

    He's extended till 2020, that's awesome news. EDIT: Here's the article - http://www.seaeagles.com.au/news/2016/10/11/marty_the_metre_eate.html?cq_ck=1476159034336
  9. CBreeagles

    At What Point is DCE's Contract Justifiable?

    It's the off-season so wanted to bring in a little discussion. I'm a bit worried about DCE's form for the past 18 months and believe he is highly overpaid, despite being one of my favourite players. So I've been thinking about the legacy he will leave behind and it can only really go in two...
  10. CBreeagles

    Meninga & the Aus Team

    This guy had an interview today about the Four Nations and the players who may be chosen. Tom's name came up and obviously he is having surgery so will most likely be made unavailable but Meninga basically ruled out choosing him saying he was down on the pecking order for all of wing, centre and...
  11. CBreeagles

    Where does this leave Parcell?

    Parcell is too good for reggies and Api has been good at hooker. He also offers a better than average short kicking game, the downside is his overplaying sometimes. Parcell offers crisper service and a speedier running game. Which goes where?
  12. CBreeagles

    Double Standards

    As the thread title says there is so much double standards in this forum. A set of rules seem to apply to some but not to other particularly those who are Manly (ie. Snake, Killer, Tooves and Turbo) and those who aren't (ie. Williame, Barrett, Walker and Kapow). - I will readily admit it does...
  13. CBreeagles

    Gillet, Nikorima being shopped

    Apparently Gillet and Nikorima are being shopped to dragons. What do you guys think about chasing either of them? http://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/nrl/footy-form/dragons-eye-broncos-duo-matt-gillett-and-kodi-nikorima-but-teammates-dont-want-them-to-go/news-story/856496890957ffc0f672cf9f7764228d
  14. CBreeagles

    Lol @ Parra

    NRL investigating Parramatta Eels over Anthony Whatmough third-party deal By ADRIAN PROSZENKO The NRL is investigating whether Parramatta properly disclosed a third-party agreement for star forward Anthony Watmough in a development that could result in the club starting the season four points...
  15. CBreeagles

    Fox Sports' Matt Elliot Recruitment Evaluation

    MANLY SEA EAGLES Elliott’s analysis: There’s quality in but there’s also quality out. They have new combinations and a new coach plus new structures and a new style of play. Even though they’ve recruited all right the mass changes will impact them early. Continuity within a club is a big part...
  16. CBreeagles

    Greg Eastwood to Manly

    Hey guys first time poster here, so I was trolling on 1EE forum and they just started a thread saying don't be surprised if Eastwood ends up at Manly. Could he be the international forward rumoured a while back?

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Storm 14 12 0 2 206 24
2 Panthers 13 11 1 1 150 23
3 Eels 13 11 0 2 124 22
4 Roosters 14 9 0 5 156 18
5 Raiders 13 8 0 5 27 16
6 Knights 13 7 1 5 71 15
7 Rabbitohs 13 7 0 6 52 14
8 Sharks 13 7 0 6 44 14
9 Sea Eagles 13 6 0 7 -48 12
10 Tigers 13 5 0 8 12 10
11 Warriors 13 5 0 8 -131 10
12 Dragons 13 4 0 9 -30 8
13 Titans 13 4 0 9 -153 8
14 Cowboys 13 3 0 10 -104 6
15 Broncos 13 3 0 10 -223 6
16 Bulldogs 13 2 0 11 -153 4
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