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  1. Shoe1

    Rooster reptiles and performance enhancers

    This reptile smuggling saga with roosters links alludes to cordner and others having extremely high elevated levels of human growth hormone in 2013. Another nail in the coffin for that grand final. Ridiculous that they were cleared by the roosters’ doctor. Latest news Friday, Kennedy gaoled...
  2. Shoe1

    RIP Damien Lovelock

    Sad to hear that avid Manly fan Damo died. He was usually on the brookie hill in his 50s big eagle jersey. A true beaches legend and great front man for the Rifles.
  3. Shoe1

    Rambo’s yart

    https://www.dailyliberal.com.au/story/838789/former-sea-eagle-picks-team-of-century-manly-dominates-in-gibbs-line-up/ 1. Graeme Langlands 2. Ken Irvine 3. Mick Cronin 4. Bob Fulton 5. Eric Grothe Snr 6. Wally Lewis 7. Peter Sterling 8. Arthur Beetson 9. Fred Jones 10. Shane Webcke 11...
  4. Shoe1

    Rex's 2018 end of season MW Summary

    Frankly I was flabbergasted at Manly’s woeful performances throughout a pitifully embarrassing season. For the first time in living memory no young players stepped up to fill the void left by the inept rabble that were Barrett’s men. Crucially the promise shown by many players in 2017 stalled...
  5. Shoe1

    Some 1988 games

    Penrith, swinging arms, crusher, des go well. Trip by shearer. Parra destroyed I was at this incredibly tense match. An aged gartner playing for balmain.
  6. Shoe1

    Brett Stewart wins defamation case

    http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/former-manly-nrl-player-brett-stewart-wins-defamation-action-over-matchfixing-claims-20171017-gz2nhw.html Brett wins the case.
  7. Shoe1

    antique website

    Old timers may be familiar with Bryan Gaensler's original manly website. http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/~bmg/manly.html It is most likely the earliest rugby league website, from when the web was new. In recognition of this feat Bryan was made Australian of the year.
  8. Shoe1

    Shocking journalism

    http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/removalist-dean-mcglinchey-charged-over-attempted-kidnap-and-assault-20170611-gwp4w9.html This is the sorry state of contemporary journalism. The journo clearly has no idea that this guy played a few reserve grade games for manly. The headline "manly star in...
  9. Shoe1

    Cronk to manly tumour

    Anyone? The idea is growing on me, a bit.
  10. Shoe1

    Cronk to manly humour

    Did you hear the one about Cooper to Manly? It was a cro(n)ck
  11. Shoe1

    Velvets play Brookie

    In 1972 we had the Velvet Underground playing at half time apparently. Venus in furs and Sister Ray would have brought the house down. Makes the current half time entertainment look pretty pale. Good on arko for bringing in avant-garde NYC art rock.
  12. Shoe1

    Lucas Price

    Nrl.com has Lucas Price listed as one of our rookies to watch. Anyone able to shed some light on his potential? http://m.nrl.com/your-clubs-most-exciting-rookie-part-2/tabid/10874/newsid/103120/default.aspx
  13. Shoe1

    Myth busting - Orford announcement

    I clearly recall Matt Orford and Steve Bell being announced as having been signed, yet for some reason it is accepted silvertails' wisdom that we are still waiting for the announcement. I refer you to this link...
  14. Shoe1

    Players with meaningful names

    names that mean "farewell" Jerry Seu Seu Marcus Bai
  15. Shoe1

    Tiny COMMON KNOWLEDGE not announced last week!!!

    You didn't hear of it ???
  16. Shoe1

    World Club Challenge

    Surely we did badly enough this year to be chosen for the world club challenge? Last year a bunch of also rans went over.
  17. Shoe1

    National anthem hoo-ha

    Which league player do you think will be the first to copy Col Kaepernick?
  18. Shoe1

    Barrett, 2017 line up, 2016, Brett, trbos, signings etc

    if you want to know about opinions on these and other matters I refer you to the rest of silvertails.
  19. Shoe1

    The Nadir of Rugby League

    I put it to you that last night was the nadir of our game. Foran/Hayson news in the lead -up to the match. An appallingly dumb and inept performance by two teams. A Friday night blockbuster crowd of 8000. Most of whom were ugly and bigoted. The match result decided by a touch judge in the...
  20. Shoe1

    KB Cup 1980

    This is of interest, despite the loss. A transitional period for Manly and a few reserves in for the midweek cup. Good Eadie footage. Many future Qld Stars playing too. Basically manly v Qld.

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 13 11 1 1 150 23
2 Storm 13 11 0 2 188 22
3 Eels 13 11 0 2 124 22
4 Roosters 13 9 0 4 174 18
5 Raiders 13 8 0 5 27 16
6 Knights 13 7 1 5 71 15
7 Rabbitohs 13 7 0 6 52 14
8 Sharks 13 7 0 6 44 14
9 Sea Eagles 13 6 0 7 -48 12
10 Tigers 13 5 0 8 12 10
11 Warriors 13 5 0 8 -131 10
12 Dragons 13 4 0 9 -30 8
13 Titans 13 4 0 9 -153 8
14 Cowboys 13 3 0 10 -104 6
15 Broncos 13 3 0 10 -223 6
16 Bulldogs 13 2 0 11 -153 4
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