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  1. Boozo

    Turbo out V Souths

    Anyone have any mail on this?
  2. Boozo

    Manly V Broncos, June 1, 2014

    Hi everyone. My brother and I are keen to get involved with the MWTS. Are there any plans/package deals etc for the Brisbane game in Rnd12, Sunday, June 1 at Suncorp. We want to start booking flights and accommodation. How do we make sure our seats are with the MWTS? Do the MWTS all stay at the...
  3. Boozo

    Who'd be a ref?

    We've all heard the old joke about having a 21st and if no one shows up you're fit to be a referee. But seriously, do you have what it takes to referee and would you want to do it? Count me out. I'm too thin skinned to cop the inevitable abuse and I know that I would have difficulty keeping...
  4. Boozo

    Refs and Home Ground Advantage

    25 minutes and 3 Dogs penalties before refs could find a penalty for Manly, another shocker from a video ref and all this AT HOME! Is it just Manly or are there other clubs who get a raw deal at home? Compare the treatment Sea Eagles get from the refs at home to how the Sharks are treated at...
  5. Boozo

    Fox coverage of Manly v Knights

    Anyone know what's going on with the coverage of the game on Saturday? Game is played at 5.30. RLW says coverage at 5.30/viewers choice with the cowboys v storm game. Tigpies game at 7.30. However, Fox guide says Manly v Knights telecast at 9.15 on delay. Called Foxtel. They confirmed the...
  6. Boozo


    Successful seasons are defined by what a team does when it's NOT at full strength. Compare last nights effort to the game in Rnd 2 last year against the Chooks. We had no right to win that game but the new guys, inspired by Foran grabbed the opportunity with both hands and did us proud. Even...
  7. Boozo

    Flags and Banners

    I found my old Manly flag in the back shed. Hand made and sewn in 1978 and waved joyously at many a ground in the 70's and 80's. Did the artwork myself and press-ganged my mum into doing the sewing. Wonderful memories of footy back in the tribal days when there was a 'softening up period' and we...
  8. Boozo

    Online Store

    Anyone having trouble ordering from the online store? Since last week, I keep getting a screen that says the site licence has expired and that it would be unwise to continue with my purchase. I want to order a bunch of stuff and have my $s go to the club but it's getting difficult.
  9. Boozo

    Sea Eagle Cam

    There's one off these down the coast from my place. Every time I see it Manly has a big win. EVERY Time http://www.ustream.tv/seaeagles
  10. Boozo

    2011 DVD Victory Pack

    I'm sweating on the arrival of the 2011 DVD Victory Pack. I've almost worn out the 2008 version. The boys played a great brand of footy this season and I wanna re-live some great victories. We only lost 6 games and I felt we were never truly 'beaten' all year. Does anyone know when it comes...

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 12 10 1 1 134 21
2 Storm 12 10 0 2 157 20
3 Eels 12 10 0 2 122 20
4 Roosters 13 9 0 4 174 18
5 Raiders 12 8 0 4 43 16
6 Sharks 12 7 0 5 46 14
7 Knights 12 6 1 5 31 13
8 Rabbitohs 12 6 0 6 34 12
9 Sea Eagles 12 6 0 6 -44 12
10 Tigers 12 5 0 7 52 10
11 Dragons 13 4 0 9 -30 8
12 Warriors 12 4 0 8 -135 8
13 Cowboys 12 3 0 9 -84 6
14 Titans 12 3 0 9 -173 6
15 Broncos 12 3 0 9 -205 6
16 Bulldogs 12 2 0 10 -122 4
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