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  1. Lyonstomenzies

    Wet weather record

    Just wondering how many games we have won over the last say 5 years when it’s a wet track? I can’t seem to think of too many games we have won. Yesterday we made more meters, had more possession and the same missed tackles and we got pumped. We also had 12 offloads to 1. Our defensive...
  2. Lyonstomenzies

    G.I off to the U.K

  3. Lyonstomenzies

    Free Manly stuff

    Hello Silvertails I have a few items for free if anyone is interested. Matty Ballin signed boots and headgear along with a premiership photo from 1973 grand final team framed. It’s pretty dusty now but looks just the part. There is also heaps of flags, members hats and kids jumpers and shirts...
  4. Lyonstomenzies

    2020 hooker (and Fainu disc.)

    With the latest photos of Nas walking with his lawyer into the station I will have to pose this question
  5. Lyonstomenzies

    Brookvale playing surface

    I took the car in for some new tyres across the road from Brookie and had an hour to kill so I popped over the road to the op shop and grabbed a second hand footy. Headed straight to Brookie to practice my 40/20s and saw the ground was shut
  6. Lyonstomenzies

    Paul Gallen commentary

    I have heard him on the radio and he is pretty loose with his speech, but on camera tonight he has been really eloquent and quite surprising with with mic work. He is miles ahead of the other sideline commentators which is very surprising to me.
  7. Lyonstomenzies

    Interesting times

    https://www.smh.com.au/sport/australian-sport-s-tv-gravy-train-heading-to-the-end-of-the-tracks-20190514-p51nbq.html If Rugby and the A League both don’t get any funding from Fox I cant see them surviving for very long. They are both on very thin ground as their ratings are no where near what...
  8. Lyonstomenzies

    Suncorp surface

    The surface of Suncorp looks like 1000 pitching wedges have been hitting golf balls for three days.
  9. Lyonstomenzies

    Bombshell about to hit a club

    Over heard Peter V’Landry’s today say that a major scandal was about to rock a club. He said “front page news” before the conversation went quiet as he could see others could hear what he was saying. Hopefully its not us and for that matter I hope its not that serious to tarnish RL in general...
  10. Lyonstomenzies

    PRE-GAME DISCUSSION: Manly v Broncos [Round 9, 2019]

    I would really like to see us take games to Gosford instead of Brisbane. There is no way we are picking up any new supporters up there and we are just giving Brisbane even more money in their coffers. I don’t know what the average is at Gosford when we play but I would like to see more games...
  11. Lyonstomenzies

    ”Horhay” Tafua

    I’m expecting a pretty good season from Jorge. He didn’t get a chance under Des as he started first grade in 2012, but I think the last two seasons his injuries have really hampered his game. Yes he will still have trouble with the high ball and yes he will still drop the occasion pass that...
  12. Lyonstomenzies

    Gareth Widdop

    https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/widdop-shocks-dragons-with-release-request-with-three-years-left-on-deal-20181127-p50iqx.html Drag queens will be on the lookout for a half now. Maybe TB could cone out of retirement.
  13. Lyonstomenzies

    Brendan Elliot

    if I remember correctly he gave us all sorts of trouble in Tooveys last game as coach. I watched him a bit that year at the roosters (I was made to attend a few roosters games for work). He could be a smokey. He’s pretty quick and can find the try line. I don’t know what went wrong with his...
  14. Lyonstomenzies

    Choc news

  15. Lyonstomenzies

    Grub article

  16. Lyonstomenzies

    We hit Rock Bottom

    Over the last year I have never felt so anxious about being a Sea Eagle. We saw our once great club fall apart at the seems. The crowds at Brookvale are atrocious and something will need to be done to get them back. The contestant talk about upgrades to Brookie are at the point where enough...
  17. Lyonstomenzies

    Good news on Fainu

  18. Lyonstomenzies

    Do we receive the least amount of penalties in the first half of games?

    Watching tonight and it seems that we just don’t receive any penalties when teams are rushing up on us. When we rush teams it seems we get the whistle blown, but I never see it blown for us when teams rush us.
  19. Lyonstomenzies

    Our first spoon could be 2018. But it wasn't. So there.

    Unfortunately for all of us we are contenders for Parra’s stronghold on wooden spoons. Are we really that bad??? The start of the season I was filled with so much hope. Lussick back from injury, this young Aust schoolboy from Canberra Crocker, Turbo to fill his potential, DCE cementing himself...
  20. Lyonstomenzies

    Line Breaks

    According to Fox sports, we are second for line breaks???? This tells me that our players aren’t backing up the player with the ball if we aren’t scoring more tries. Full backs and hookers should be the ones that are always there. Are our players unfit and gassing out early?

2020 Ladder

Team P W D L PD Pts
1 Panthers 12 10 1 1 134 21
2 Storm 12 10 0 2 157 20
3 Eels 12 10 0 2 122 20
4 Roosters 13 9 0 4 174 18
5 Raiders 12 8 0 4 43 16
6 Sharks 12 7 0 5 46 14
7 Knights 12 6 1 5 31 13
8 Rabbitohs 12 6 0 6 34 12
9 Sea Eagles 12 6 0 6 -44 12
10 Tigers 12 5 0 7 52 10
11 Dragons 13 4 0 9 -30 8
12 Warriors 12 4 0 8 -135 8
13 Cowboys 12 3 0 9 -84 6
14 Titans 12 3 0 9 -173 6
15 Broncos 12 3 0 9 -205 6
16 Bulldogs 12 2 0 10 -122 4
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